Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One one hand, I dream of a city bungalow, small, but big enough for our family. With a small yard. In this home we are within walking distance to coffee shops. And grocery stores. And the best schools in the state.

Then there are the suburbs. With large open floor plans. And a HUGE yard. With ample space for bike riding, and garden growing, and frisbee throwing. 

Then there is the biggest part of me. The one who wants to be in a foreign city, somewhere abroad. In Sweden. Or really, anywhere else in Europe. A small city apartment. The park down the street would be our 'back yard.' It would mean lots of stairs, and probably a shared laundry. It doesn't sound ideal to many, but to me? It sounds like such an adventure I wish to relive. 

We have the bungalow in the city now. We have had (and maybe will again one day have) the big house in the suburbs. We have even had the tiny 500 sq foot apartment apartment in a foreign city (Karlstad, Sweden) and lately I have been feeling a need to change. Again. 

I know, I'm one of those crazies who actually enjoys moving. And Change. BIG change. 

Hopefully one day in the nearish future I will get my dream of moving back abroad (anyone hiring a finance analyst type person in Europe ;) but for now, I will practice being content with our little bungalow in the city. 

Taken in my favorite city in the world (Stockholm) on our last night in Sweden in 2011


  1. Lol... I'm exactly like you. I need to move and change all the time. I'm not sure ill ever be able to "settle" in just one house or even city.

    1. It's that wanderlust gene you talked about! My husband didnt believe it was a real thing so I showed him your post :)