Monday, February 11, 2013


I got my haircut last weekend and a few hrs later went in and signed Jasper up for swimming lessons. The guy working told me I was such a great sister for taking Jasper to sign him up, but I would need my mommy to come in and sign the paperwork. So Apparently my new haircut makes me look like 16? Not a compliment. Maybe in a few years, but not right now. 

 Jasper's favorite lunch is salad. Coolest 5 year old ever? I think yes.
 I decided to throw some ingredients together and it turned out AMAZING. I think I shall call these, chicken stuffed twice baked potatoes. Delish. 

 Jasper has been asking if I will come eat lunch with him at school some day, so finally on Thursday Tindra and I brought Jasper lunch. Apparently parents are still cool at this age, because as soon as his classmates saw that his mom was there, they were fighting over who got to sit by us. Also, about three kids showed me their loose teeth, which made me come to the conclusion that loose teeth are Gross. I am not looking forward to that fun phase we will soon be going through.
 I bought a double jogging stroller. Who am I? So far I've only gone jogging with it once, and I'm not sure you can even call it jogging. I could only make it a few blocks pushing the 50 plus pounds (while jogging, walking i can do it all day) so I seriously jogged two blocks, walked one block repeatedly. Sad huh? Oh and I'm pretty sure I sprained my ass doing that. Is that possible? My right cheek would surely tell you that it is. 
 This guy has been extra cuddly lately. I'll take All the cuddles I can get. 
 Mamma's girl. 
 Jasper's MLK day poster "I want everbede to be saf" He's a sweet kid that one. Other kids 'had dreams' such as wanting a new snowboard or lego set. My kid wants everyone to be safe. 
 Backseat smiles!
 At the fire fighters museum this weekend! 
 Reading books under the blanket with a flashlight. Probably Jaspers (and my!) favorite things to do. 

Tindra trying to climb up Jasper to get to his popcorn. She wasn't giving up. And he's completely unfazed by it.  
 Jasper refused to buy a box of generic valentines cards, so I spent an hr this evening cutting out hearts. The hand cramp was worth it! 
 A friend fell skiing and had knee surgery on Friday, so I took her daughters with us to Swedish class (they attend as well) and Jasper was So cute with their youngest. Holding her hand and walking her into class, wanting to buckler her in the car (don't worry I checked his work before we drove off, but he did it perfectly!) 

 Frozen goghurt for a teething baby is apparently like crack. She would NOT set this down for even a second. 


  1. Laughing at the sister comment?!

    What the heck

    1. Right? Almost as good as when I got carded for buying spray paint when I was pregnant with Tindra,