Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY: Headband/Bow holder

I've got to admit one of the first things I was super excited about after finding out we are having a girl was the headbands and bows! So of course once I started buying them I needed a place to put them! I turned to pinterest for inspiration and found something I thought even I could make (not the craftiest mamma's that's for sure!) 

I found one through a blog and now I really really wish I could fit it again! I didn't 'pin' it because I wasn't signed on to pinterest when doing my search (I'm always forgetting my password) and I tried searching for it again to give credit and of course can't find it now. I'm not even positive she did it the same way I did because I just glanced at it for an idea- but regardless, if somehow you stumble across this and it's YOUR headband holder please let me know!!

Supplies you will need
Wooden picture frame
staple gun
ribbon ( I chose one with wire in it to make it more sturdy) 
little hooks

I started off by spray painting a plain wooden frame I found at Hobby Lobby- FYI I didn't realize you had to be 18 to buy spray paint. I was trying to open up the glass cabinet it was in, and thought I was just too dumb to figure out how to open it, when an employer came over and told me I needed to show my ID before she opened it up. Yeah 25, 8 months pregnant and showing my ID to buy spray paint..
 I also spray painted the little hooks
 Then I had Drew measure out and screw the screws in evenly across the bottom

Then he took the ribbon I had cut into even pieces and used the stable gun to secure them evenly across
 And now it's hanging above the dresser, filled with pretty bows and headbands just waiting for baby girl to get here! 

 Can you tell which bows and headbands I made? SHould be Pretty easy- like I said I'm not the craftiest. (Hint: it's the bows on the far left ribbon and and the headbands underneath)

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  1. This turned out SO CUTE! Hooray for girls stuff!

  2. Love this idea! I may have to do something similar although I've been holding back on buying hair things/clips - I probably shouldn't - even if she's bald she'll have hair eventually!

  3. This is really cute!!! I love it. Thinking I might make one like this. I just found out I am having a girl so I went a little bow crazy.

    btw, our Blogger names are almost the same! hehe.

  4. That is so cute, I love when you can organize and decorate all at once. That little girls are going to be spoiled for sure! Love it!