Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bits of our weekend

 Friday night we moved Jasper mattress to the floor (he has a lofted bed thats not as high as a regular bunk and leaves lots of room under to play) and hung and sheet and made a tent for a little movie picnic. Afterwards he asked me to sleep with him 'for the whole night' and I couldn't say no. Didn't get a whole lot of sleep but totally worth it. 
 Saturday morning giggles
 Sunday morning blizzard
 Child labor (he was very willing) 

 Drew headed out to get bread and a couple of movies, and came back with a carmel mocha. He wins. And this is after spending an hour shoveling.
 We did a lot of wii playing. This kid is seriously the best wii bowler Ever. Strike after strike after strike. 
 BOTH kids napped for an hour and a half (Jasper even a little longer) in the afternoon so it was like a day date! We watched a movie and I painted my nails. Bliss. Then T woke up and was super cuddly with pappa (my nails were still wet) 
 After round two of shoveling (for the boys) I surprised Jasper with a home made pink lemonade snow cone. It was Delicious! If I wasn't worried about dirty snow I'd go make myself one right now.

 Simple syrup mixed with a packet of pink lemonade, cooled then poured over FRESH white snow. Delicious. 

And that was our weekend. 

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