Thursday, October 25, 2012

Paleo quiche

I Love a good quiche. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, I'll take it anytime of the day! I've never made a paleo friendly quiche before but I decided to try! I honestly didn't have very high hopes for this since I used about 1/5th the amount of cheese I normally do and hello, no crust? But once again I was pleasantly surprised! Jasper ate seconds and drew was concerned there wouldn't be enough leftovers for him to take to lunch today, so positives all around!! Here's what I threw in!

 6 eggs,
about a cup of coconut milk,
 a handful of shredded sharp cheese,
 salt and pepper, a tiny bit baking soda,
a couple handfuls of spinach,
some chopped garlic,
 a red bell pepper, and that's it!

Mix it all together, grease a pie pan w coconut oil and bake in oven (350 degrees) for 30ish minutes. I threw it in the oven then ran to Jasper's parent teacher conference and left instructions for drew to 'take it out when it looks done.' good instructions huh? Luckily he did just that! I fried up some bacon and served it with some cantaloupe. Healthy And delicious!!


  1. WOW that looks/sounds amazing! Thanks for posting!

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