Sunday, February 3, 2013

Late night ramblings

I got my hair cut last night, just 3-4 inches off, it was supposed to just be a trim but when your hair hasn't been cut in like 6 months, you tend to need more than just a trim. I was so-so about it till I went to sign Jasper up for swim lessons  and the guy asked if my mom would be the one taking him to his lessons and complimented me on what a good big sister I was. Then I decided I most definitely hated it. 

Tonight after the kids were in bed I decided I needed out for a few minutes. Alone. And since my normal go to spot after hours (target) had already been visited three times this weekend I decided to go to Walgreens. Random. Turns out it's a much cheaper solution than Target and still did the job. Mascara and cheap chocolate for the win.

This afternoon was the best. Jasper asked for a nap. Then after 45 minutes woke up and wanted me to lay down and cuddle him. It was heaven.

The last two nights he begged (okay he didn't have to beg just suggest) that we have a mamma/Jasper sleepover in his bed. He has been asking randomly for a few months but with Tindra not always predictable in if/when she is going to wake up I didn't want to wake him up if she woke up, but now she hasn't woken up at night in a month or two so it was perfect. I wasn't expecting a ton of sleep, (dude practices karate in his sleep) and I didn't get a lot, but man was it nice to wake up to him holding my hand. 

Okay super bowl is finally over and now it's Elementary time then bed. Before midnight for once hopefully. Anyone else loving this show? Johnny Lee Miller? Yes. 

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