Friday, February 25, 2011

Moving weekend!

This weekend we are MOVING out of our large, open, modern condo in the suburbs to a teeny little Denver house. I'm super excited to have all hard wood floors and the perfect location (not to mention fenced in yard for the pup and babe) but this is what I'm going to miss most about this place.

Trust me- my closet is even bigger than it looks. And this weekend? Will be moving all of that into a closet about 1/3 of the size. EEEEk.

So major advice is needed. Small closet ladies- what do you do?? How am I going to fit my 40 plus shoes in there? Plus everything else? And the whole only have spring clothes in there in the spring, summer clothes in there in the summer? That doesnt work for CO. Here it can go (as it did last week) from -15 to 70 in three days. And a spring day? Can start out as a cool 25 in the morning and be 80 by afternoon, and back to 30 at night. Same with summer. 90 during the day can easily be 50 at night so I can't just keep my dresses for summer in there etc. Plus I wear my dresses in the middle of the winter!!

Any advice? Anyone?


  1. trust me, i know the feeling! luke and i had a huge loft in lodo before we moved here to nyc. our bed BARELY fits in our room now! we installed racks on the walls in our bedroom that i hang my clothes on. we put a little 3 drawer dresser in the bottom of our tiny closet and luke hangs all his clothes in their. (i also have one of those over the door shoe racks for SOME of my shoes ;) i should send you pics of our room, it is seriously ridiculous and i feel like i sleep in a closet, but i guess it works since all we do is sleep in there! good luck, i'm excited for you!

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    Happy Friday!


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  4. Happy Moving! Hope it all goes smoothly :)

  5. Good luck with the move! How about those storage boxes for under the bed? I kept stuff in there when we lived in an apartment and they worked well.

  6. Good luck with the move! I had to streamline my closet and heavily purge my clothes to ones I know I'll wear continually. Everything was sold or donated. But if want to keep all your clothes, dressers, under the bed storage boxes, additional shelving units and boxes are super helpful. Even an extra mobile closet rack works when you want to put some of your clothes on display! =)

  7. Oh gosh. I don't really have a whole lot of advice other than check into some closet organizing systems from Wal-Mart or Target. And maybe pare down a little where you can? This could be a great time to get rid of some things you don't wear anymore.

    Good luck with everything! Post pictures once you're settled!

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