Monday, February 7, 2011

The perfect kind of weekend

I was looking into my old posts and realized this one never got posted! Not sure how. I wrote this a few weeks ago, before going to Sweden. So here it is. A few weeks late.

This weekend couldn't have been better. Started off Saturday morning w/ Jasper letting us sleep in till 8:30!! Bliss.

Then we got ready and headed to the local mall for some shopping, lunch and ICE SKATING! I found two pairs of shoes that I loved- but they didn't have them in my size, so they will be arriving in 5-10 days, can't wait to show you them! They are seriously saweeet.

After shopping we took Jasper ice skating for the first time. He's been begging to go all winter- but I wasn't really up for going when it was 6 degrees like it has been- but Sat. it was high 40's- perfect ice skating weather. The last time I went ice skating was in Sweden on lake Vanern, the largest lake in western europe. It's kinda of scary ( i think) skating on a Real lake- one of my biggest fears is falling through ice, but this ice was several feet deep and the town even brought snow plows on there to clear the snow so we could all skate- so if a thousand lb machine can go on it, I think 130 lb me can.

Jasper seriously Loved it. Even though he fell, over and over. After a while he wanted to go to the edge and just go around the rink holding onto the side- apparently much cooler than holding on to your mother.

After nap time we headed down to Denver for a DU men's basketball game. Drew got tickets through the alumni association. I haven't been to a college game in a long time, so it was lots of fun! We had great seats and jasper did amazing. He loved all the excitement. Plus the elderly couple behind us were in love with him. Except they thought he was a girl. This is our conversation went

'Whats your name little girl?'

'His name is Jasper'

'Jasper? Never heard of that, is that short for Jasmine?---Whaat? Jasmine?
Wow, she sure is beautiful'

'Thanks, we think HE is too'

'She's quite the little tomboy isn't she'

'Not a tomboy, just a regular, active BOY'

'Seems like you enjoy basketball, maybe you will be playing for DU's women's team in 15 years'

'Well if HE decides he wants to play basketball he would probably have to play for the MENS team'

They just WEREN'T getting it! So frustrating when people don't even listen! I don't get mad, annoyed, embarassed or any of that if someone thinks he is a girl- but when I correct them 10 times and they STILL don't get it? That's just frustrating.

Sunday was a nice relaxing morning, followed by another trip to Denver for a brazilian. It had been toooo long since I'd had time for one, and I felt like a new woman after. Love them. After that we hit up some thrift stores then went home to organize Jasper's toys.

I got some much needed ME time, followed by dinner at my friends house and watching the golden globes. We made a delicious meal- boulder sausage and peppers sauteed, SOO good, potato soup and cheese cake!

DId you guys do anything exciting this weekend?


  1. Hehe, that conversation is so familiar! I have a long haired boy that is mistaken for a girl CONSTANTLY! The ice skating looks amazing and glad that Jasper liked it! xx

  2. awww, so cute! looks like fun! :)

  3. You both are so gorgeous! And he? Is OBVIOUSLY a boy. Old people are special. People always say "wow! 3 boys!" and I have to be like "no the one in the PINK is a girl!" and that's BEFORE I say her name!

  4. Hi :) I found your blog on Kendi's list, and I love it! I am a fellow young mamma, and have a 3 year old boy as well. I totally relate to your story about breaking down when you realized he will be in kindergarten before you know it! I just try not to think about it because it makes me sad how fast it goes by. You seem like the sweetest mom. Little Jasper is darling :)