Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2.

When I woke up this morning my first thoughts were "Oo what should I wear today?"That almost never happens until I go in my closet or have something big going on (trip to Whole Foods doesn't count)

I doubt my excitement will last when Im trying to come up with outfit number 20, but so far I'm excited!

I decided to keep it simple and comfy today, plus I Really wanted to wear my new shirt from GinaTricot (Sweden)

Some randoms going through my head..
This shirt kind of looks like it could be a maternity shirt- maybe one day in the near future it can be used as one!

This isn't  a color I have much of, kind of a pale brownish/tan but when I saw it in the store it Screamed PICK ME, except in Swedish of course.

I love the crochet detail at the bottom of the shirt.

Something about this shirt made me want wavy hair today. 

It's also a No make up kinda day here- just some moisturizer. Kind of my go to look make up wise. 

Shirt- GinaTricot, purchased in Sweden last weekend.
Jeans- also bought in Sweden but two years ago, but I can't remember the name of the store.
Shoes - okay i kind of cheated. I decided these shoes were a Must in my 30 so I switched out a long shirt that I was going to have in it. These were more important. Pale pink converse. I just love the look of skinny jeans and a pair of converse. 


  1. I love your wavy hair, it's so pretty!

  2. Love the hair, LOVE the shirt, love the shoes! :)

  3. Very cute! Those shoes are adorable! I hope that your excitement lasts until day 30!!

  4. You are adorable. Pretty Momma!

  5. I've seen the hot pink ones, but where did you get the pale pink converse?! They're so cute!