Thursday, February 3, 2011

Advice?? And outfit #3

I started off the day with a belt and my hair up, ended up taking the belt off and hair out halfway through the day just cuz I felt like it.

Busy day today of going to the mall (without going into ANY of My stores) Jasper's gymnastics class and then headed to Denver (we currently live in the burbs) to look at a house to rent. More on that later.

Long Shirt/Dress: Indiska, my second favorite store in Sweden.
Tights:Vera Wang
Boots: Charlotte Rousse I think?
Belt:Forever 21

This dress/shirt might be the most comfortable piece of clothing I own!

Okay so now onto the house.

Our lease is the suburbs is up and we are moving either mid march or mid april ( we can decide to renew for a month if we haven't found somewhere we want to live.)

Husband works in one of the nicest/most expensive neighborhoods in Denver. And his commute now is about 40 min. at least one way.

We want to move closer so we can have more time together, less time commuting.

Denver is expensive.

So, option 1.

Decent sized house about 20 min from work. Decent neighborhood. Decent house. Decent yard. Decent schools. Not a Horrible commute.

Option 2.
3 minute walk from work. THREE MINUTE WALK FROM WORK.
Teeeeny house.
But Amazing neighborhood. One of the best, safest in Denver.
Decent sized fenced in back yard (my number one requirement)
But it's small. Like uber small. but hardwood floors? big bonus. Great schools. So what's a girl to do?

Leaning towards the itty bitty house in the great neighborhood. Way more time with the hubby. Great school. But if we get that- I'm gonna need some major suggestions on how to deal with small houses, with storage, organization etc. so bring it on mamma's with small houses!!


  1. I vote itty bitty house. You already like it, and size isn't TOTALLY important, as long as you & your family are comfortable living there. :)

  2. i vote little house. :) and i love the stripes!!

  3. hey! so i've been trying to figure out where you got the 30 days of wearing clothes from your closet idea...well, i guess i don't even really understand what it is you are doing exactly, but you never posted a link to a place that explains it, or whoever's blog you got the idea from! haha...if that makes sense!

  4. Like as in sharing a room with you little one, then no. As in maybe only are really nice stuff will hit, do it!

  5. ooh, is it close to cherry creek or up by highland square?? go with your heart! a fenced in back yard AND wood floors? sounds so quaint :)

  6. If the tiny house is at least 2 bedroom. Then do it. Tiny spaces are great. And it has a fenced in backyard. Added bonus.

  7. love those boots you're wearing. I'd go for bigger house, only 20 minute commute, thats not long :)