Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 4

This morning we spent the morning playing at the mall Dino's and grocery shopping so I wanted to wear something simple and comfortable.

Tank top: GinaTricot
Jeans: Gap
Cardigan:Forever 21
Shoes:Forever 21
String I decided to die around as a belt: from another dress from GinaTricot

Hopefully this weekend I can actually get some decent pictures- I'll finally have the husband around to take some!

So I think we decided to go with the itty bitty house. The neighborhood is seriously Amazing. Walking to the mall, stores, restaurants, whole foods, farmers market, we can walk Everywhere! We will be able to get rid of one of our cars since Drew will walk to work, we will have so much more time together. We can eat breakfast together most days! That's something we only get to do on weekends now. That time together is worth way more to us than a third bedroom, or bigger living room etc. Now it's time to do lots of research to figure out how to best get all of our stuffed crammed into a small space.


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  2. congrats on finding a new place! what neighborhood is it in? i love downtown...i miss living down there a lot! we live in evergreen right now, and when our lease is up our son will be one and i will be pushing for living much closer to everything!!

  3. Love the shoes! So excited for you about the new house - time together is way more important!

  4. Love those shoes!!!

    Greetings from a fellow remixer :)