Friday, February 18, 2011

Outfits 13-15

 Same dress different shoes.  This is Such a comfy outfit, loose dress and sweater tights. One of my favs.
Paired with what Jasper calls my 'pippi' shoes. If you grew up watching Pippi Langstrump (or pippi longstocking as you Americans like to call her :) you might know what he is talking about.

 Entire outfit (above) is from Forever 21. Didn't realize it till I was writing it down right now, that's kind of embarrassing.
 I liked the tights/pippi shoes combo so much I decided to throw on another loose shirt the next day.
Shirt:GinaTricot, Sweden
Tights/Shoes: Forever 21

 I sort of have a thing for knee high/over the knee socks. Like have a major crush on them. I decided to try them with out boots and kiiiinda love it! What do ya think? Too much?

Another short  dress/tunic. I've been quite scandalous this week apparently!
Tunic:H&M Stockholm
Belt:Forever 21
Shoes:Forever 21

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