Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 6! And a delicious dinner.

I've technically done outfit 7 and 8 but those pictures are on my other memory card so they will have to wait till tomorrow.

Jasper wanted in the pictures also, plus we kind of match!

For some reason these tights are looking purple in the pictures, but they are most definitely navy blue.

Dress: GinaTricot, Stockholm
Tights:I think Vera Wang
Shoes:Forever 21

The back of this dress is a little longer, which is nice for all the bending this mamma does!

On a none clothes note. This was last night's dinner. I wanted to use these yummy looking potatoes I had just picked up at Whole Foods but didn't have a sauce or sauce recipe. So I looked into my fridge and threw together what turned out to be an Amazing sauce! I was quite proud of myself, I usually at least look at recipes,even if I substitute an ingredient or don't measure out the correct amounts. So to whipp up a great meal w/o any recipe is quite an accomplishment for me.
The sauce consisted of butter, chopped garlic, some seasonings (can't even remember now, just threw some in off of my spice rack) and some squeezed lemon. Agh mouth watering now just describing it.

**I know I labeled this meal healthy, which it isn't exactly, but it was served with a side of salad AND every ingredient used was organic, so that's healthy enough for me **


  1. I love the simplicity of this outfit but you still look awesome! The cut of the top is fantastic.

  2. love this outfit. and those shoes! i want them. can you do all sorts of things in them, or can you just look cute in them? not that it matters, i don't mind sacrificing.