Friday, February 11, 2011

A boy and his bird.

One morning, in the spring of 09, we were playing at our local park in Karlstad, Sweden.

Jasper encountered a bird he decided he had to play with. Here is his story. The picture kind of speak for themselves.

                               He was sitting in this swing when he first spotted the bird.

He followed him through bushes

He followed him through parking lots
He followed this bird around for at Least 20 minutes while Drew followed us taking pictures. When he could get too far behind, the bird would turn around and look at him. Stop. Wait for him. Then hop along once Jasper got too close. The whole time I felt bad for the bird because I thought he couldn't fly- but he was just messing with Jasper! After about 20 minutes the bird decided to fly away, leaving a very sad boy behind. Seriously one of the funnies things I've ever seen.


  1. this is the cutest story, in pictures! LOVE. he is such a doll, and you are a lucky mama to have such a curious cutie :D

  2. This is so darling, I love it. I really appreciated your last post about staying home and being a mother. I agree with every single word you said. 100%

  3. Oh my gosh, that is SO cute! Sounds like somebody needs a bird as a pet... ;)