Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A few of my favorite things.. Lbri Facial Masque

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win L'Bri products from a blog giveaway. I did some research on the company after I received my package in the mail and was really excited to find out that they use natural ingredients in the products. Big bonus

One of the products I received was L'Brie Pure n' Natural Facial Masque. This product claims to be an instant non surgical face life, tones tightens and firms your skin, removes dead skin and smooths your skin among other things. All of those things sounded great to me!  The first time I used it I spread the gel like substance on while watching TV. I wasn't really paying attention. All of a sudden my skin started to feel like it was tightening. And it sorta hurt. After the ten minutes (ish) wasn't really paying attention to the time very well, I went to go rinse my face off. When I looked in the mirror I almost screamed out- except I couldn't because my face was covered in this hard plastic like substance. I wish I would have taken a picture- because I resembled a burn victim or something. Scary looking. It felt like I had undergone botox(not that I know what that feels like..yet) but I was unable to really move my face. I scrubbed the gunk off instantly- which hurt a big. Cursing myself for not reading more about this product. After I got it off my face was red for about 20 minutes. I vowed never to use this product again....

About 30 min. later I went to check to see if my face was still red. It wasn't. But honestly now my face felt, and looked cleaner, smoother and possibly even tighter. I only say possibly because at this point I had only used it once. But my face looked and felt great!

I tried this product a few days later, this time making sure to only leave it on for ten minutes, and it still felt a little tightening and it dried on my face, and didn't exactly feel great coming off either, but if it's doing what it promises (tightening and smoothing my skin while getting rid of dead skin cells) then a little discomfort is totally worth it! Beauty is pain ladies!!

Time will tell if this really does do all that it promises, but after a few uses I feel like I look younger and fresher, and my skin hasn't felt this great in a long time! This will definitely be a regular product of mine during the long, harsh Colorado winter!


  1. I’ve been following your neat blog from To the Top Tuesday blog hop. My Facebook page “Inspire” has inspiring messages. I post original quotes up to 3 times a day. Love for you to visit!


  2. WOW thanks for this! Sounds awsome!