Monday, November 15, 2010

not sure why the crazy face

So this is my first time joining in on Steppin Out Saturday. My Steppin out outfit is actually from Sunday, where our day consisted of grocery shopping, some other errand running and cleaning. Not a very exciting day! But Necessary.

I have about a billion dresses that I wear in the summer and spring and decided that I would find a way to make those fall and winter dressing instead of buying a whole bunch more(see how responsible I'm being?)  So here's my first shot at it.

I paired a Forever 21 Dress with a Cardigan I got in Sweden, shoes  from Forever 21, and knee high socks that my aunt got me in Germany a few weeks ago. It was a bit chilly out with my long German socks and shoes and cardigan this dress totally worked!!

When Jasper saw me get dressed he said "Hey look, Mamma is a Pippi" (Referring to his favorite, Pippi Longstocking..and she does sort of has shoes that look exactly like those..and crazy knee high socks too...)

On Jasper
T-shirt Old Navy
Sweater I Think Khols
Jeans TJ Max
Shoes GAP

Here we are showing off our shoes

And Now we are roaring at the camera- because if you want to take a picture of this kid you have to be doing crazy stuff or he will run and hide because he is just Not a fan of the camera.


  1. I love the look of dresses like that but have none that flatter me! Love the socks too- my thing in HS (and beyond) was crazy socks.)

  2. Those pictures are so cute!!!! You both look adorable!