Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My favorite healthy snack

Okay I'm lying. It's not healthy at all. If you are looking for a healthy recipe run the other way. While we have been trying to eat healthier and mainly organic, sometimes nothing sounds better than some deep fat fried french fries. Agh my mouth waters thinking about it.

The other day I had a Huge craving for them and Drew was happy to oblige my craving and made a quick run to Safeway. I was all out of ranch and how in the world can you eat french fries with out ranch? I decided not to make Drew run back to the store and instead got creative with what was in my fridge.
Up first: Organic parmesan cheese. It was good. Not amazing, but i enjoy parmesan cheese, so it was quite good on top of the fries.
Secondly: Organic Feta Cheese. Oh. My. God. THIS WAS AMAZING. I can't say enough great things about feta and french fries. If you love feta and fries- you HAVE to try this.
Up last: organic garlic Cesar dressing. It was actually very delicious. Love garlic, love cesar, love fries so the combo of it all was Really good. Maybe better than ranch? Maybe. But probably not Quite. But a close competitor.

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