Thursday, November 11, 2010

How To: Properly dress your child for outdoor playtime in the snow.

I don't want to sound like a judgemental know-it-all, so I hope I don't come across that way, but this is something that Really bothers me. Not dressing your child properly for the weather. In Sweden they live by a saying that translates"There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes" and i whole heartedly agree. The other morning I took Jasper and Riley to the park. It was early in the morning, and winter, and we live in CO. So yes, it was chilly. About 40 degrees- the boys had on their pants, proper shoes, jacket, hats and gloves. The was only one other mom/son at the park. He was about 3 and wearing jeans and a T-SHIRT! I could see my breath! I was appalled. And it's not like this mom couldn't afford proper clothing- she was pushing a $500 stroller and drinking a $5 starbucks, so really NO EXCUSE. 

So here it- how I think you should properly dress your kid to play out in the cold.
***I spent ten years of my childhood in Northern Sweden where for 6 months out of the year we saw several feet of snow and played outside in it daily. Then I moved to IA where we saw about as much snow and throw in high winds all winter long. Then I ended up in Colorado. So yeah, I consider myself an 'expert' on dressing properly for winter.***

First Layer- a pair of long john type pants and a tighter fitting shirt (doesn't have to you can see below) On Jasper: pants are from Polarn o Pyret- and have the Best winter clothes I've ever encountered. They are pricey- but if you live somewhere cold it's worth it. (Swedish website that now you can buy in the US!!) J's shirt is an old thermal shirt from GAP. Again nothing fancy- but it does the job.
2nd layer- HEAVY SOCKS. Being out in the cold and having to come in because you don't feel your toes is a major bummer- so keep the toes toasty!! On Jasper: knitted socks from Farmor(father's mother in Sweden) she has more in the mail coming for us as these are last year's and getting a bit small!

3rd Layer- and perhaps THE most important layer. Gloves. GOOD gloves. On Jasper: Awesome gloves from Polarn o Pyret.  These gloves are so freakin warm and come all the way up past his elbow and NEVER fall off!! Major major bonus points.

4th Layer- warm fleece! Fleece is awesome for providing warmth- but just make sure it's not the outer layer, as it does get wet in the snow and wet + cold=NOOO BUENO! On Jasper: GAP fleece pants and sweater- we love this set, it's super comfy, cute and very warm. *Make sure you put sweatshirt on Over the gloves- as that provides another layer to make sure the gloves fall off (not a problem if you have these P.o.P gloves- but if you have any other pairs you will need to do this*

5th layer- scarf and snow pants. The scarf keeps his little neck/chin nice and warm and if he is diving head first into the snow (which he will) then at least he doesn't get snow down his neck/back. Because seriously- that blows. On Jasper: scarf made by his Mamma, snow pants from COOP in Sweden. These aren't very warm and are more used in the fall/spring in Sweden when they get a ton of rain, but apparently J has grown 3 in. in the last couple of months and my 3 yr old doesn't fit into 3T anymore- so tomorrow we are off to buy a pair of warmer snow pants we have on hold at GAP. 

And Final layer- boots, warm coat and a hat. Warm and water resistant boots are so important if you are playing in the snow. Because wet boots mean wet socks and again, thats gotta be the worst feeling Ever.
On Jasper:boots, can't remember the brand but they are from Nordstroms and say they are good for -20 degrees. We prob. wont be out in That cold of weather, but good to know that we can! Coat- GAP- its double layer with down, and fleece on the inside so its Super warm, hat I can't remember where it's from. It's probably not the warmest hat ever but Jasper insisted and it was warm enough and covered his ears and I knew he wouldn't try to take it off.

So there ya have it- a very warm boy ready to go roll around in the snow.

Oh and if your child looks like he can barely move because of all the layers you have done a good job.


  1. I totally agree!! I was a teacher and it always drove me NUTS when we would go out for recess and kids were running around in winter in shorts and/or a tee shirt - no jacket!
    I have been looking for good gloves for my 6 month old - any suggestions? I can't find good warm clothing for babies.

  2. Oh my gosh, I can't believe you saw that! A T-shirt? That is just nuts. I am so torn because this is my first winter with my son (last winter he was only a couple months old and we camped out in the house until spring)-- I don't want to coop him up inside but I don't want him to be cold. I guess I'll just bundle him really well and we'll keep hitting the park :)

  3. Haha, great post!

    And to answer your comment on my post...actually I just emailed the company and asked if I could do a review for them. I guess I emailed at the correct time because they were getting ready to premiere their 2011 line.

  4. I agree too! I also live in Colorado and it makes me crazy to see mothers in sweaters or jackets, holding a baby in pants and shirt only!!!

    I just want to scream at them. Hey lady, if you were cold enough to put on that sweater or jacket, have the decency to put one on your child too!

    Oh, BTW, I am formerly from AZ where we did not have to change the time...I really miss that :)


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  5. This is hilarious, but you are very right: some people need to learn how to properly dress their children for the cold weather! I always feel bad for a kid when I see them wearing shorts and its 30 degrees outside! Thats just bad parenting!

  6. CUTEEE!! Thank you for following my Life as a Wife! My dream is to be a stay-at-home mom and hopefully I will join you in a few years :) How cute is your little Jasper! So sweet! Enjoy your weeekend! I am YOUR newest follower!

  7. I totally agree! It's one thing if adults want to walk around outside in the cold freezing but don't make that decision for your kids!

    I love Jasper's modeling - so cute!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great weekend!

  8. Your son is adorable and such a great sport.

  9. Great post! I saw it on PO.P's Facebook page.

  10. Thanks for recommending them! I found this blog a year ago searching for outdoor gear and now it's where I buy all winter clothes for my 3 kiddos from there!