Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This Dress deserves it's own post.

It was February, 2008. I was walking down the street to our Karlstad, Sweden apartment. From the window display of one of my favorite stores KappAhl, I could tell they had gotten new stuff in. I went in, ya know just to take a peek. And then I saw it. A beautiful dress/tunic. Colors I don't normally wear. Calling out for me. I tried it on, ya know just to see how it would fit? Hoping it would look horrible on. It didn't it fit like a dream. The price tag? 800 kr. Or about 120. Neither of us had jobs, and we were on a budged. So sadly I put her back and walked out the door.

A few weeks later I check in, just to see if she was still there. She was. And she was down to 600 kr! Still couldn't justify it. 

Two weeks later I'm in Stockholm visiting some friends. I happen to go into the KappAhl there and what to you know, MY dress is there, and she is even more on sale! AND last on in my size. I snatch her up and rush to go pay. My 800 kroner dress is now down to 400! Half price!! As the lady is ringing me up she asks if I have a coupon(they send out monthly coupons for 25 to 30% off one item to those who have credit cards with the store. I said I didn't have one. She reached into a drawer and scanned a card bringing my dress down to 250kr!! (about $30!!!) When telling my friends about it they were shocked- that type of thing is unheard of! That the sales lady would give me a discount with out my coupon just does Not happen in Sweden. But it did! It's fate. This dress was meant to be mine.

Fast forward a year. We visit Iowa. Come back. Move to a new place. All of a sudden I can't find THE DRESS. I'm heart broken- for months I ask Drew if he has Any idea what happened to the dress. He doesnt.

A few weeks ago while in Iowa my mom brings me a bag of stuff had left behind during our many trips to iowa over the last year- pajamas, jaspers books, some toys, a bra..and...THE DRESS! It had been in IA all along, and my mother not knowing the story didn't even THINK to tell me HERE IT IS HERE IT IS! I almost cried happy tears. Almost.

Here it is, me wearing it this past weekend while decorating our Christmas tree. My beautiful, perfect fitting dress that I waited for almost two months for, lost, and was reunited with again. 
Maybe you don't get the big deal over this dress, but the cut, colors, style, softness, all of those things make this such an amazing dress to Me.

This time I wore it with cream colored leggings from F21 and boots from Charlotte Rouse. 
Here I'm wearing them with black leggings and boots last year. Love how versatile it is.

And there you have it. My love affair with a dress.


  1. It's beautiful! I'm so glad you were both reunited!! :)

  2. oooh I love it (& those brown boots r sooo cute!!)

  3. So cute! That's the best when you find clothes you thought were long gone- I'm finding all these great winter clothes that I completely forgot about in my big tupperware clothes bins in the basement :)

  4. Adorable dress indeed! I love how it's styled with the brown boots! Thanks for sharing its story :D

    I found your blog from "Welcome Wednesday"- 'tis cute! I shall read more now!