Thursday, November 18, 2010

I have this weird thing..

Where I can NOT touch raw chicken. Will Not do it. If it weren't for Drew cutting the fat off of my chicken we would never ever eat chicken in this household. So my amazing husband will always buy me a HUGE bag of chicken, cut off all the gross fatty pieces, and then freeze it in individual baggies so when I'm ready to make something involving chicken all I have to do is defrost a baggie or two and dump it in the pan, or oven dish (where I am able to touch it using a spatula)

A couple of days ago I wanted to use our crock pot which I think has been used once in two years and has been sitting there collecting dust. I'm not huge on following recipes, so I just threw in some chicken breasts, cut up potatoes, italian salad dressing some spices and cheese because really, cheese makes everything better, and 7 hrs later had an amazing chicken and potato meal. Seriously delish.

But the dilemma  came when I realized that the chicken Drew had cut up for me the night before wasn't in small enough pieces. Solution: Dump the chicken in the crock pot (being careful that NO chicken touches fingers) clean some scissors, use said scissors to cut chicken without having to actually lay a finger on the chicken. And then wash those scissors again. Brilliant right?

1. What are your 'weird things' because everyone has them right? and 2. Anyone have any crockpot recipes to share? I loved doing this and need more ideas!!

*All the ingredients used mines the spices were organic.

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  1. Haha! You know, that's so funny because I was thinking the other day (while I was holding a WHOLE raw chicken) how much it reminded me of a baby and how wrong it was to throw this thing into the slow cooker and eat it! But then I ate it anyway :(

    I am also completely weird about styrofoam boxes. I absolutely cannot deal with the sound of styrofoam boxes opening and closing- styrofoam rubbing styrofoam. It makes me twitch and my whole body gets chills. I just can't deal with it.