Monday, November 1, 2010

Top Two Tuesday:Favorite gifts

Since 24 yrs is a Long time for receiving gifts I'm going to do top two fav. wedding gifts. We got a lot of wonderful gifts- but my favorites were from the people that know us best and are really meaningful.

Number 1- Art mirror w/ favorite Swedish saying. We have a local artist in the town I grew up in Iowa who does Amazing, whimsical sings. Her husband does pottery pieces and the two of them are so talented. I have many special pieces of hers- some bought from the gift shop, some from them as gifts (went to school w/ her son and church with the family) and a couple as gifts from my mom. I have an awesome gift box my mom had her make for me for my high school graduation- its completely one of a kind.

The mirror is so special because my mom had her make it- the colors are beautiful and it's a great Swedish saying on it- it doesn't translate as well in English and it rhymes in Swedish and flows so well- but it's basically about learning lifes big lessons/riddle- how to love, forgive and forget. Again- one of a kind (the artist was at our wedding- and our gift from them was painting with our last name on it :)

Another favorite is a gift from my grandmother and uncle in Sweden- my Swedish friends brought it over (sofie's fiance works w/ my uncle Lasse) and I started crying as I was opening it. She had an artist in Sweden (from the town I grew up in) paint a picture of "us" on our wedding day, which a church in the background, our names and wedding date. It's so special. It's antique looking and just perfect. Thanks Farmor and Lasse!!

And since it's across the wall from the mirror and also special here's another favorite art piece and gift. It's from Drews parents as an engagement present and is a coat rack made by one of my favorite artists- also from Iowa. If you haven't heard of Story People you should google it- very whimsical and amazing sayings on prints.  It says "We sat side by side in the morning light and looked out on our future together". Beautiful saying.


  1. Those are some amazing wedding gifts. I know you must cherish both of them!

  2. Wonderful picks - very sentimental!

  3. What cool gifts... that mirror is really neat!

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