Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Friday and Monkey Biz

I decided to copy  participate with  Molly in Fashion Friday today. I needed an outfit that I could be comfortable in and wouldn't upset me if paint was splashed one me(which totally happened. twice.) because we were meeting up with some friends at Monkey Biz.

Excuse the horrible pictures - I forgot to have someone take a picture of me, and by the time hubby is home to take a pic I'm sure I'll be lounging in yoga pants for our exciting Friday night.

 And yes- that is a black cardigan and darn brown boots- I should mention that I don't really follow fashion rules like no black and brown together.
This is another summer dress that I'm trying to convert into a fall/winter dress. With long socks, boots and a cardigan I think it works.

Boots:Some store in Stockholm. I LOVE them, but they aren't very comfortable so only can be worn when not much walking is required!

Monkey Bizness is one of Jasper's FAVORITE things to do. If you haven't been- you should see if they have one in your area. It's basically a huge indoor play area with a coffee bar/internet/tables for the mammas. Pretty much the best idea ever.

We met two of our friends w/ three year olds- and the kids all had a blast and played well together for 3.5 hours! Has to be some sort of record. It's located in an outdoor mall area and they also have a train that you can ride around which we did afterwards.

Have anything fun planned for the weekend?We have a semi busy weekend ahead, Swedish Christmas market tomorrow, then the Boulder lighted parade (I think that's what it is?) followed by a girls night of Harry Potter and drinks (and yes, I'm totally one of those HP lovers) and then Sunday is Swedish class and dinner with my cousin. Hope everyone has a Fabulous weekend!


  1. great outfits! Sounds like you have a great weekend planned - have fun!!!!

  2. This dress is great.. love how you're making it work for summer and winter. :)