Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving

It was hard not being able to go back to see our family for thanksgiving and we were just going to do a little meal here at home, but a week ago a friend found out we were going to be staying here and Insisted we join her and her family. At first we declined, as we didn't want to intrude on their family dinner, but after she called me several times asking me, and telling me her mom was going to call me if we didn't agree to come we agreed. And I'm glad we did. We had amazing food (I make a cheese cake and au gratin potatoes) good wine and a great time. They are such nice people, and my friend has a three year old that just happens to be jasper bff, so while the guys(and some of the girls) got a poker game going we took the boys down to the basement and watched Finding Nemo and part of Shrek and ate lots of dessert (why yes I did have a slice of pumpkin pie, apple pie And cheese cake)

We stayed there pretty late- almost 11, Jasper was Such a trooper since his normal bedtime is 7:30- and then I got up early to go black friday shopping with the same friend. We just went to the mall and it was pretty packed! I only hit up GAP (50% of everything!!!!) F21, Hanna Andersson and Victorias Secret- where I received a free sweet tote with some products inside after spending over $60. SCORE! That's the only thing I bought (and i didn't even buy it was free!!) for myself.

Anyone get any Sweet Black Friday deals??

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  1. It was my first black friday shopping experience! I got a new camera for only $8o sooo excited!!

    I got your comment on my new contest post & actually Emma made it into the 2nd round for the contest as a top 10 finalist & all votes have been cleared for the first round so if u want 2 vote again I would truly appreciate it!

    Hoep you & your family had a great holiday!