Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reminiscing..Sweden part 1.

From January through July of 2009, Drew, Jasper and I studied abroad in Sweden. I started a blog then- but I was HORRIBLE at keeping up with it. The one thing i was good about doing was taking a LOT of pictures. I never want to forget our amazing time there, so once a week or so I'm going to pick a memory of Sweden and right it down so I wont ever forget.

I'll start off with the first blog post I wrote, after we had arrived in Sweden.
Greetings from Karlstad, Sverige
Well after possibly the worst 24 hours of my life we finally made it here. I'm not going to write too much about the trip because honestly I dont even really want to think about how horrible it was! To sum it up- I started throwing up at about 11 am Iowa time and didnt stop for about 25 hrs. Im a horribly flyer and always seem to get sick- and throwin up every 15-20 minutes and not eatiing or drinking anything tends to make me a litle weak. So on top of getting so sick, as soon as we landed in Stockholm I fainted- and had to be wheeled around the airport.

Anyway enough about me being so sick- jasper did really well! He only slept about 3 hours out of 25 hrs of traveling so was a bit crabby but other than that did amazing. Drew did good also, he was a little fed up with my getting so sick and being of no help- and going on NO sleep in about 48 hrs tends to make a person a bit crabby but all in all it went really well for the boys.

When we arrived in Karlstad we had two people from the University meet us and take us to our apartment- which is only about 2 blocks away, but w/ ten pieces of luggage that would have been an impossible trip.

We Love our apartment- its bigger than we thought, and is going to be a great fit for us.

Well im going to sign off now because the battery on the lap top is dying and we have yet to get a converter to plug in it! By the way the way im using the laptop outside on our 4th story porch of our apartment- its the only place we could get recetion!

Love and miss you all
Darlene, Drew and Jasper (or Jesper) as these swedes like to call him.

Taken The first week we were in Karlstad, from our balcony
This was our apartment building. We were on the top floor (4th) on the far left (not pictured)

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  1. Oh wow, I didn't know there was someone out there who could possibly be a worse flyer than me! Luckily, I've never fainted ;) But Sweden sounds worth the trouble- that's great that you got to study there.