Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reminiscing..Sweden part 2.

If you missed part 1 go here

Covered up to his ears in snow(same slide his mamma used to go down) and he Loved it! We kept taking turns bringing him up and letting in slide down. 

In the beginning of February (of 09') we took our first trip(of many) away from Karlstad. We took a 7 hour trip up North to Ljusdal, Sweden. The town I grew up in. This town holds so many memories for me, and it was so surreal to go back after 12 years.  Jasper did amazing on all of our train rides- we had his pram- and we would always find a spot to park the pram where he could stay buckled in the pram and we could sit and entertain him. It worked amazingly well. One of the things that would distract him the most was an ipod- Drew would put the headphones on him and he would be content for so long!! He was 18 months old at the time.

Up in Ljusdal my grandma met us at the train station. It was Amazing to see her after so long. Words can't describe how it felt to see her again after so long.

This post could get rediculously long so here are the hi-lights
1. Eva, my moms best friend when we lived there and our former babysitter who used to live next door picked us up and we stayed with her the first couple of nights, but went and visited my grandma, or Farmor, daily. Farmor lives in a small one bedroom apartment, where as Eva lives in a larger 2 bedroom town home so much more space
This is how we got around in all the snow for walks. People walk their children to daycare like this! True story. 

2. We took long walks in the snow around my old neighborhood, saw my old school and the house my uncle built- which we I grew up in.

My old house.
The forest behind my house, this is the shortcut I would take to school every day. In the spring and summer I was always late because I would find a blueberry bush and get distracted eating. 
3. The last half of the long weekend Sofie came and got us and we stayed in the cute little cabin that her and her fiance lived in. Sofie was a childhood best friend- has since come to visit us twice here in the US and was a bridesmaid!

4. While with Sofie and Henrik we went snowmobiling, went to a little ski/sledding resort (practically during a blizzard) went out to the bars where I ran into former classmates!!!!, stayed up till 3 am talking every night and just had a wonderful time. They are truly amazing people Sofie and Henrik.
Add the sledding resort, little half cabins for warming up and grilling! Best invention ever. See that pram in the background? There were Dozens of sleeping babies there. Told ya Swedes are awesome.

Sofie and and I snowmobiling! 

The school I went to from 1st grade through 4th
Sofie, me and Jessica


  1. Wow, look at all that snow! So pretty! I would love to visit Sweeden some day- but first I need to make it over to Europe (I have never been!). I am begging my hubs to take me for our next anniversary!

  2. One of my close friends got married to a half Swedish guy in Sweden and I couldn't go due to previously made plans. I was devastated! Would loove to visit someday!