Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who does he look more like?

Ever since Jasper was a baby people have been saying " Oh gosh he looks Exactly like YOU Darlene" And at least as many people say " Oh no, he looks Exactly like Drew" So now you can be the judge

Exibit A.
Darlene as a 2 year old

Exibit B Jasper

Exibit C Drew

What do you guys think???


  1. It's a tough one he looks so much like each of you! But I think I'm leaning more towards you.

  2. He looks like you!

  3. That's exactly what happened with my baby. At first, everyone said he WAS my husband, without a doubt. Now they're saying he looks like me. I think your son looks like a perfect mix between you two :)

  4. Hi! Unfortunately one of the pictures won't load on my computer, so I can't vote!

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  5. Hey Darlene,
    Do you have facebook? I entered my daughter in a photo contest & I was wondering if you'd go vote for her :) it'll only take like 2 seconds & I really want her to win lol. You just have to become a fan of Soleil Creations & then hit on her photo (Emma) and "like" it. Thanks!!


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  7. I'd say he definitely looks like you! You could dress him in your baby clothes (though that'd be a bit weird for the little guy) and take a picture of him and I'd bet people would never guess.
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