Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Whenever I do something with Jasper that's not a typical kids activity people will ask me why bother. For example outings such as the science museum or the Denver art's museum. Yes they are not geared toward three year olds- but that doesn't mean he isn't going to enjoy it or get something out of it. And it makes us work on not running around being wild and rowdy, because come on, he's a 3 year old boy. He wants to run and be crazy- but when we go to an activity that isn't filled with screaming toddlers he totally tries to act like a little adult. And it's the cutest thing ever. Plus mamma needs a little stimulation besides story time and parks once in a while!

This past week a couple of friends and I took our three year olds to the science museum. Unfortunately we chose a day where 4 school buses full of middle schoolers were also there, but it's a big place, so it ended up not being too crowded. But seriously- do middle schoolers not wear deodorant? Whenever a group of them would walk by I had to hold back my gag because seriously? They Smell. And this is from a mom who has spent the past three years changing dirty diapers multiple times a day (first two years jasper, as soon as he was potty trained I started watching Riley) so ya know it was bad if I'm saying That made me gag. Poopy diapers? NBD, sweaty prepubescent boys and girls? Barf.

Anyway the kids did awesome for the first two hours of exploring. We saw mummies, dinosaurs, and wildlife(oh my) and then they started to get crabby. Which I can't really blame them- so we only got through the top floor. But after a snack break we discovered a little kid zone area where they had music, instruments, a human brain in a jar(didn't need to see That right before lunch time) a digging area and lots more. So for the next hour the kids had a blast in there. It was a win win- learning And play time. I'll def. be taking J back there, and this time we will start on the 2nd floor so I can see more of the museum.


  1. I totally agree! It's important to take kids everywhere so they learn good behavior!

  2. That's awesome that you do that. I take Niall (only one year old) to museums and stuff like that, too. I think they get something out of it just by observing- even if it's just watching the other kids playing and not taking part in any of it :)

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