Monday, February 20, 2012

My baby essentials

There is SO much out there. Thousands of baby products that they make you believe you absolutely MUST HAVE. Well I'm here to let you in on a little secret. You don't actually need all that! Promise! Based on what we used and needed last time around here's my must have list for this time around. Most of this stuff we got rid of last time around (all we really kept were some favorite BOY clothes so we basically started from scratch)

Good bottles! Last time around we used Dr. Brown and they worked good- but I remember a major con of having to clean all those parts! Pain in the ass if you ask me. This time I've done some research and decided to try out Tommee Tippee. I've heard/read great things and they seem to most resemble the breast- and since I plan to nurse and pump (and formula if I have to I'm not anti formula) this seems like a great fit. We just bought a 3 pack to try out since they are easily available at Target and Drew can swing and pick some up right away if these work out great. If not it's back to the drawing board! 
Swaddle blankets/swaddlers 

We swaddled Jasper every time he slept for months and I SWEAR by them. I'm super excited to get to swaddle a baby again! Aden and anais are the BEST swaddle blankets out there that I've tried anyway, light weight and the perfect size. We had a few swaddlers last time too which worked good as well- but blankets are great because they can be used for burp clothes, to cover up a sleeping baby over car seat, for nursing, etc. We bought 2 4 packs to start off.

A swing!! Last time we had an old swing that someone gave to us, it worked okay but after seeing what was out there I was so excited to finally pick one up this weekend! We went with this one except in a different print. Calm gender neutral color. I'm super excited to have a girl- but I don't want pink/purple bouncers, swings, car seat etc. I prefer more gender neutral colors for those type of things that are going to be scattered throughout the house (plus this way I can go over board with the pink dresses :)
Crib/changing table

I wanted something simple, and I think it's outrageous spending 1000+ dollars on a crib! 

A car seat is obviously a must and not somewhere to 'skimp'. I did a lot of research and decided to go with the chicco key fit 30 infant in extreme

A GOOD stroller. I blogged here about my need for an excellent stroller. Bugaboo is a favorite right now. But on top of an excellent stroller, I used my snap and go stroller every day with Jasper until he outgrew his stroller. It's great to have a stroller that you can toss in the car and take it out in half a second. Super light weight- perfect for quick errands, grocery store, anytime you don't want to get baby out of the car seat, etc. We picked up one Saturday at babies r us!

Some sort of baby carrier. Last time we had the mai tai and it gave me so much back/shoulder pain that I highly doubt we will be using it this time around. I currently have my eye on the moby and ergo

Jasper started taking naps in his crib around 3 months old but he didn't sleep in there at night till 5-6 months old. Until then he was in our room in a bassinet. Baby girl will do the same! I like having baby close for my own comfort but also because it reduces SIDS sleeping in the same room.

We used, and will again use, an old bassinet that Drew AND his dad slept in as babies, but there are many affordable ones available! I probably would go with one of these.

I'm sure there are things I'm not thinking of right now, but those were my must haves last time around for the first few months. Anyone have anything to add? 


  1. I just had a baby 3 wks ago and can't praise my ergo enough!! I have the moby too, but since it's kind of tricky to put on, I haven't really used it yet. I think I have to wait until the baby is more sturdy before I try out the moby again.

  2. We tried the TT bottles, and Corbin would suck the nipple in. We ended up with Dr. Brown's, and even though they are a PITA - they worked the best.

    LOVE my Ergo & Moby.

    Corbin grew out of his swaddlers and blankets so quickly, that we love the Woombie. It's like a giant baby cocoon, lol.

    And last, but not least, I SWEAR by the Rock N Play. OMG, I wish I had it with the twins, because Corbin already sleeps 9 hour stretches.