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You have probably seen this all around the blogging world over the last couple of days. And here's another one! Erica over at Mi Todo tagged me so here it is! 


1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

This picture brings back AMAZING memories- it's from the end of June in Stockholm this summer. Right after leaving the bar at 3 AM. And also shows why Sweden is known as the land of the midnight sun! Basically 24 hrs of sunlight in the summer! 
11 Things about ME
1.I have lived in (in order) Florida, The Virgin Islands, South Carolina, Stockholm; Sweden, Ljusdal;Sweden, Bali; Indonesia, back to Ljusdal, Sweden, Iowa, Denver & Boulder, CO Karlstad, Sweden and now back in Denver. 

2. I love to MOVe and I love to travel. Crazy I know. I don't like the actual act of moving (packing etc.) but I don't like to stay in one place for too long! I get antsy and ready to move onto a new neighborhood, town, state or even country. 

3.Touching chalk makes me want to throw up. Even THINKING about touching chalk makes me gag. I feel bad for J because he loves it, and I will sit out with him while he does it but I can NOT NOT touch it. Same with cotton balls. Can't do those either. Just thinking about pulling apart cotton balls makes me skin crawl. Is there something seriously wrong with me? 

4. Dad is 100% Swedish (born and raised) and my mom is 100% Italian (not born and raised) which makes me 50-50! A purebreed as I like to joke to my mutt husband :) Most American's are mutts including my son so obviously it's just a joke and not to be taken offensively! 

5.We moved around a lot so people always assume we are a military family- NOPE, my dad is an executive chef and goes around working in a bunch of different restaurants and even cruise ships. Though he was in the army as well, but not why we moved. He did that for 'fun'- his words not mine. He would go and do the bootcamps and one weekend a month thing to 'relax.' 

6. Studying abroad as a family of three was my most favorite experience in the world. Our 7 months in Sweden was MAGICAL! Can't wait to move back someday.

7. My mom is my HERO- she raised 5 kids, on multiple continents mostly alone because my dad was gone so much for his job. Can you IMAGINE flying to asia (like 15 hr flights) with an infant, 3 yr old, 4 yr old, 6 yr old and 10 yr old? UGH not I. But she did it ALONE too many times to count. Like I said, Hero!

8.I'm the middle of five and I used to want 5 or 6 kids. Now I think 3-4. Probably 4. 2 of each would be perfect! But no rush! We are both only 25 so plenty of child bearing years left! 

9.I used to be a political science major with the plan to go to law school, but after having Jasper I simply can't imagine the kind of hours a sucessful lawyer would need to put in. And I have no interest in being away from my children like that. And with Drew's crazy career hours ( usually gone at Least 8AM to 7PM mon-friday often not home till 9 or 10) it wouldn't be fair on our kids. I never imagined being a SAHM but now I can't imagine being anything different- at least not while my kids are home! 

10. I would love to eventually open up an indoor play area (like Monkey Biz or something similar) or maybe a daycare center unlike any daycare centers in the US- one like in Sweden (and many other European countries) Where the focus is on free play and outdoor time. None of this 'kids only play outside if it's 40 degrees of more BS' either way kids are my favorite people and they are who I want to work with! 

11. I think I'm still discovering who I am. I was 20 when I got pregnant, and my world flipped upside down from a Sophmore in college to a mother almost overnight. I was still figure ME out. My whole life revolves around Jasper, and soon baby girl and I'm OKAY with that. It's what I chose. But it doesn't leave a whole of time to discover who I am outside of being a mother. But I'm not too worried about it. I'll figure out.

1. If you could only listen to 5 songs for the rest of your life, which songs would they be? The Scientist and Fix you by Coldplay, Flake by Jack Johnson-- those first three were easy because they are my favorite songs ever. Pretty much any Beatles song, but if I have to choose 2 more Id say Yesterday and Let it Be. Ah the Beatles 

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Switzerland, Italy and Greece are my top 3. In that order.

 3. What is one of your favorite childhood memories? I'd have to say the entire year we spent in Bali. The first 6 months we lived in a townhouse right next door to the hotel and the next 6 months in what you could only classify as a mini mansion (with 2 servants, a security guard and a driver, and a built in monkey cage on the side of the house WITH a pet monkey) and we were home schooled at that time and while we would make friends with Australian's who came to the luxury hotel my dad worked at they would only stay a few weeks so we really only had each other. And we were all so close. ANd we were living in paradise! Literally! 

4. If you were to get a new/your first tattoo, what would it be of? The only tattoo I have is a linblomma, a flower, like the state flower, of the region in Sweden I grew up in. If I get another tattoo it would also probably be on my foot and some sort of text, I LOVE text tattoo's but I don't know of what yet! 
5. Were you in any clubs in high school? Are you still interested in the same things? In high school I was in track, on the dance squad, in Mock Trial ( there were 8 of us and some were witnesses and others (me) were lawyers and we had to be both prosecution and defense and present our case and go against other teams) in choir, select choir and drama. I'm definitely NOT interested in running- though I wish I wash- and the only reason I was even in track was because my older boyfriend was the track star and convinced me to join. The running part sucked but I got to spend every day after school with him (or watching him kick those hurdles ass) so it was fun. Once he graduated my soph. year I was DONE. Dancing is still fun, I love to 'debate' so def. still interested in that. I love to sing and sometimes wish I was still in some sort of choir- I was a part of some sort of competitive choir for 12 years, often more than one, so once I got to college and didn't sing anymore I was bummed- still kind of am! Now I sing my heart out to Jasper every day though :) 

6. What is your favorite smell? Normally I would say Lily of the valley ( favorite flower!) but during this pregnancy I'm OBSESSED with Basque sugar body scrub smell. Seriously addicted to it. 
7. Do you believe in ghosts? Why? This is a hard question for me! I don't know! There have been a few instances where certain things make me believe there Might be something like a ghost or haunted place, but the logical side of me says NO! Let me tell you a little- when we lived in Bali, we had been there for 5-6 months when the whole hotel caught on fire and was mostly destroyed. I don't know how the fire started- but my dead was the head of the kitchen and if I remember correctly was there when it happened. Pretty much the whole hotel was destroyed- so we went back to Sweden while they rebuilt the hotel. I think it was about a year later when we went back to Bali when the hotel reopened. Pretty much every single room of the very large (ten story) hotel was destoryed. Except one room. On the 3rd floor. All the rooms above it- below it- next to it, all destroyed, and this room didn't have Any damage. They kept the room intact exactly how it was when they rebuilt because they were convinced it was haunted. People could come in to look at this room, and offerings were made, and people would come from far away to pray and meditate in there. I remember going in there- and even at 8-9 years old I knew there was something special about this room. I don't know what. Ghosts? Who knows! But people who stayed on this floor were convinced there was something going on in that room when no one was around!

8. If you could change one thing about your body would you change anything? What would it be? Not really fair to ask an 8 month pregnant mamma! Right now there are tons of things I would change- but before I got pregnant for the 2nd time I was satisfied with my body. Sure a pound here or there could have gone away, but other than that I would say no! I'd love to get back to that after giving birth again. But know it might not. Thats over a year and a half my body has spent growing life and then nursing life afterwards so I expect changes to happen and I'm OKAY with that (most days!)

9. What fictional character (movie, t.v. show, or book) do you most relate to? I've been racking my brain and having a hard time coming up with anyone! I guess in HS I could relate to Elena from The Vampire Diaries. I was torn between two brothers (horrible I KNOW!) but come on I was 15! Sure they weren't thousand year old vampires, but they were brothers and I ended up hurting one of them. Not cool. But I did go on to date the older brother for 2 years and then on and off for a little when he was in College and me still in HS. First love!! 

10. If you could meet any famous person from the past or present, who would it be? So superficial but I'd love to meet Robert Pattinson just so I could stare at him in person. Plus he's my 'freebie'... Also Rob Lowe. In love with him NOW- but if I could meet the Rob Lowe from St. Elmo's Fire? Oh swoon. 

11. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging before I even knew there was such a thing as a blogging community. I didn't know anyone who blogged- I didn't read any blogs, and the only ones who knew about mine were family members and a few friends. I wanted to remember our 7 months in Sweden studying abroad and update everyone on Jasper and our time there. When I came back i didn't blog for 6 months or so, and I decided I missed it. That's when I discovered other blogs and decided to start up a new one documenting Jasper since he was and still is changing so much and I wanted to remember EVERYTHING! As far as I can remember I've always been writing in a diary type book. In high school I filled SO many notebooks with my thoughts and feelings. Than my best guy friend passed away  and I couldn't deal with it. I couldn't write about it and I couldn't NOT write about it. So I put the pen down and that was it with my journaling days. Recently I found a diary from when I was 7 in Sweden! It's SO funny to see what I wrote. 

Okay and now for the 11 questions

1.What's your dream career
2. Biggest goal you have ever accomplished
3.Favorite meal to make for dinner
4. Favorite holiday/why
5.Weirdest illness you have ever had
6.Favorite place on earth
7.Favorite book or movie EVER -why
8.If you could switch places with anyone in the world who would it be and why
9.How many kids do you want- is it similar to what you grew up with? Example I want 5 kids and came from a family of 5. Drew wants 3 and came from a family of 3. We compromise with probably want 4. 
10.Favorite store to shop
11.What was the last thing you bought for yourself (food doesn't count) 

And I tag...ALL OF YOu! If you haven't done it yet do it and link back and let me know so I can come check it out!! 

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