Friday, February 24, 2012

Things NOT to say to a pregnant woman

You can't POSSIBLE get any bigger!!! When are you due???

Uhmm I thought you like, weren't, like, supposed to drink caffeine while pregnant? Are you SURE you want that carmel frappachino? We have some delicious caffeine free tea.

We have low fat bagels. You sure you don't want the low fat version instead? Probably better for you.

Are you sure you aren't having twins? 

Wow you look...tired.

These are just statements I've heard this week. Anyone else have any 'Things NOT to say to a pregnant woman' to add? 


  1. "...whos the father?" I wanted to punch a few people for that one...

    and it might seem like a compliment, but "you dont look like youre about to have a baby" when you are already past your due date and want that baby OUT

  2. People don't think you are pregnant they just think your fat!

  3. Ugg - I get them going both ways 'you don't look THAT pregnant' - which they think is a complement but makes me feel inadequate , and then the 'wow - i can't believe you have 2 more months to go - you're huge' - this is from people that know me and are used to seeing me small. I always have to remind my husband that yes - i can get bigger - i probably have 10 lbs left to go!