Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow day!

We are totally having one. 
Woke up this morning to 10+ inches of snow (only had about 3 inches when I went to bed at 11 last night) so we are declaring it a snow day and staying IN today. 

 My poor volvo sitting out all alone...should have thought to put her in the garage. 

It's expected to keep snowing all day and into the night for another foot of snow possible- so I don't think we will even get out to play in it till tomorrow- though Jasper is already bugging me to go out.

Instead we have plans for hot chocolate, blue berry muffins (in the oven right now!) some valentine crafts and movies. Not a bad snow day huh? 

Hate to ask AGAIN- but we have drifted and I'd love love to stay in the top 100! So could you pretty please take the 2 seconds and click twice?  I got more views from TBB yesterday than ever before!! Thanks so much guys!
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  1. I miss snow... we used to have it :) What a winter we are having up here in the northeast, huge snowstorm before halloween and nothing really but dustings since then! Ground is clear right now. Although I shouldn't complain, last winter was TOO MUCH snow!

  2. TOTALLY WISH IT WOULD SNOW HERE! But I doubt it will this year! Enjoy the chilly weather girl!

  3. Ohh I want some snow .. Nearly the whole of the UK was covered in snow this morning apart from us in the South West ... we have nasty yucky rain !

  4. I stumbled upon you blog through the Swedish American Mamma blog. I saw the pictures you posted a few days ago with all the snow and thought to myself that where I live we got all this snow to on Friday. Then I see that you live in Denver too! :) That was a crazy snow storm, but a good excuse to stay in an watch movies! Fun to see another swede living in Denver. Are you a member of SWEA? Jessica