Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2 things.

1. I get so confused when people lately have been telling me "Oh you are ALL baby!" I mean I'm not confused by what it means- but I'm confused exactly WHY I'm being told that. I've seen those woman (in fact I think I was one last time around) who during pregnancy just have a perfect bump and nothing else grows during pregnancy. Last time around I carried pretty high ( I think?) and was able to wear my tiny size 0 jeans until about 8 months pregnant. Don't worry, before you decide to hate me, my hips spread After birth (it's supposed to happen before) and caused me to have a horrible labor and grow several jean sizes over night. This time around- I was wearing maternity jeans at TWELVE WEEKS and my ass had tripled in size by 20 weeks. Then came the boobs. And now? The back fat.

Yep, I'm admitting over the internets that I have now have back fat. It certainly wasn't there (at least to THIS extent!) 20 weeks ago, so who are they kidding when they say ' you are all baby' it's sweet, but really, I can see right through your lies.

Oh you want proof? Okay, okay.

 Can you SEE that bootay? Def. wasn't there before. And that flab above the but? yeah not that either.

Back definition is officially gone. I've always had two back dimples- that look like thumb prints- they are now GONE. Filled in. With love handles. So yeah. I'm not all belly.

Any you know what? I think I'm okay with it. Our bodies go through amazing things to carries healthy babies to full term. A full 40 weeks (or 42 last pregnancy, 39 this pregnancy) so I need to give it some credit. If it feels the need to store some fat in unattractive places to make sure my body is able to grow and then feed this baby, than so be it. It's done this before. My body know what it's doing even if I don't.

 2. I decided to try velcro hot rollers. It didn't do a TON to my hair, except it gave me a little body and some sort of flip? I'm so far undecided in how I feel about it. Does anyone have any tips for velcro rollers? Whats your secret?? 


  1. But you're still adorable :) I love baby bellys! I kind of miss mine sometimes!

  2. I don't know, you must just dress very flatteringly because you look like all baby to me :) You are very stylish too. Maybe they mean you're not carrying in your face and other areas where they can see changes (clothes hide a lot of what you mentioned).

    As for the rollers - never tried them, was your hair still damp when you put them in? I recently tried just twisting my damp hair into little buns all over my head over night to get corkscrew curls - unfortunately my hair is very short and I ended up with a permed/affro look that was hilarious but not something I'd show :)