Monday, February 13, 2012

Anti Valentines Day

Who doesn't LOVE valentines day? ME that's who. I'm just not IN to these kind of holidays- no idea why! Not like I've ever had a bad experience with the holiday, I just don't get the big deal. 

In high school my boyfriend of 2 years always made a big deal out of it- huge bouquet of flowers delivered to school ( which was of course Awesome) big teddy bear, chocolate, dinner the whole works- and it was fun, but even then I wasn't that into it. 

So when an opportunity came up to go out on Friday night (the church where J goes to preschool had a parents night out) and not valentines day we quickly signed up. Because though I might not be a big  v-day fan I AM a fan of mamma/pappa night out!

By the time Friday night came I was ridiculously exhausted (meh what else is new) but Jasper was SOO excited to go to play at the church at night ( flash light hide and seek at a dark church at night, who WOULDN'T be stoked) and with him gone for 4 hrs there's no WAY we could sit at home so out we went.

We didn't have time for dinner AND a movie..or so we thought till I discovered Cinema grill!

It's a movie theater that serves grill type food. Can you imagine anything more awesome? Yeah me either.

Burgers/fries/pizza/ice cream/ fun drinks (can't wait to try those out after April!) while sitting in a semi comfy chair watching a new movie! I can't get over the brilliance.

The last time I ate a meal while at a movie theater was in Karlstad, Sweden on our ONE date night in 7 months when my sister came to visit. The movie theater was connected to a Mcdonalds (which FYI McDonalds and BK in Europe is Soo soo much better, seriously) and it's quite common to bring food with you into the movie theater. 

Anyway for my 2nd experience eating while movie watching- I give it 5 stars and I highly recommend finding one in your area. I can't wait to take Jasper! He would LOVE it. And now that I think about it we could totally bring the baby too because with servers coming and going, talking and bringing food it's not THAT quiet so it's not like people could get that upset if a baby makes a noise. SCORE!


  1. We have Chunky's near us - very similar. They theaters have old Cadilac seats that recline so watching a movie is much more comfortable than a conventional theater and they have a decent menu. Plus since they make money off food they don't charge as much for the movies so bonus!

    They also have special kid movies they play (older movies) that are free (since you buy food) and are very kid friendly.

  2. Um, this is brilliant. I'm jealous!