Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It's not an STD or anything though it sounds like it. For those who haven't heard that term its Gestational Diabetes. And being tested for it SUCKS. In my case it sucked even more because of a lame nurse. 

What's supposed to happen is you don't eat anything at all for 2 hrs- than drink a nasty sugary drink that tastes kinda like flat fanta but way more sugary, and then go get blood drawn exactly 1 hr later.

Except MY nurse told me that I couldn't eat for TWELVE HOURS. So I had dinner last night, a large baked potato and green beens- then I sent Drew to the store to get jelly because I've been having a ridiculous craving for PBJ's and of course had eaten all the jelly. I was planning on having that for my '2nd dinner' (yes I usually eat with Jasper at 6 and then eat again around 9) but Drew was on a business meeting phone call till like 10:30 so by that time it was too late for me to eat anything before my 9 AM appt...or so I thought.

So, I hadn't eaten since my since my 6 PM dinner- then had a glass of water in the morning. By the time I feeling slightly shaky, I NEVER go 14 hrs with out eating- Especially not while pregnant, so I guess my body is just not used to it. 

I chugged my ice cold drink (made it slightly more bearable I think) then headed in 40 min. later to wait to get blood drawn. After blood was drawn I felt fine- but after getting my rhogam shot I started feeling super shaky and dizzy. When I stood up I started seeing spots and then black and got like a second from fainting.

Luckily I had brought a handy dandy PB&J with me so I sat there and ate it, laid down for a few minutes (because I'd seen black again when I stood up) and then was slightly better.

I had promised to take Jasper to the Children's Museum if he did good at my appt and he did great so I had to take him even though I felt horrible.

So off we went to the museum for the next 3 hrs. Luckily I could sit down a lot while he played otherwise I wouldnt have made it!

At least I got it over with- now fingers crossed that I passed it and I don't have to go to through the 3 hr test!

This appt I'd gained 2 lbs since beginning of January- which brings us to 20 lbs total, not horrible, not amazing. I have just under 11 weeks left- so if I gain a lb a week which is average that will bring me to 31 lbs which is within my range of 25-35 that my doctor wanted me to gain. As long as I don't go over that!! With Jasper I gained 35 lbs- but I was also pregnant for an extra three weeks (went to 42 weeks with Jasper and only going to 39 weeks this time) so I guess only time will tell how big this belly will get!!

I got a lot of compliments about my dress today and I'm happy to post it's NOT maternity. I bought it in Sweden in June and luckily it still fits! The leggings aren't maternity either- super old Gap ones.

I think this was the last time I wore this dress- about a week before I got pregnant! 


  1. Okay. Yes. Follow-up to our tweeting--HA. So I had a TERRIBLE time with GD testing when I was pregnant with Iris. I don't do well with blood draws anyway, but I was terribly sick, light headed, etc. the first go-round. Then I failed the first test (30% of women just do, I guess), had to go in for the four-hour blood draw. I almost puked SEVERAL times (so they let me have a little water). The only thing that kept it down was fear of having to start over. HAHAHA.

    But, I'm not lying! I have heard that it's much worse with girls, and not just with GD testing, but also general light-headedness, more prone to sickness, fainting, etc. Isn't that crazy?! Girls getting all dramatic before they even pop out!

    You look soooo cutie in that dress too! Love it!

  2. I always hated those drinks! With my son I had the lemon lime one with ice and drank it no problem. With my daughter I had orange and it was warm because they said ice messes with the test. Needless to say the drink came back up...

    Girls make you "ugly" lol. I had so much acne while pregnant with my daughter.

  3. I didn't think the GD test was that bad when I did but I think it was because everyone had told me how awful it was so I built it up in my head to be really bad so when I actually tasted it, it wasn't that bad!

    I have to start building up a dress supply being pregnant in the summer is going to stink, I was pregnant with Mason in the winter and I was hot ALL the time!

  4. how cute are you??!! wow you look great :)