Wednesday, February 15, 2012

7 years of valentines

7 years ago on the 12th we had our first date. We were 18 years old and seniors in high school. We had just sung at our valentines choir concert- we even did a small group song of about 6 of us together. He had had told me a few weeks before that he 'liked' me- but I wasn't really looking for a boyfriend. I had always dated the older boys, and as a senior they were all gone and I was ready to be single and go off to college in the fall.

But he asked me to go to a movie with him after the concert, and I agreed. We went to see Hitch. And the rest is history. Kind of. But it's a story for another day.

The following Monday- Valentines day- he brought me my favorite coffee drink to play practice (we were in high school choir together, select choir and drama together where our last play- this one- we had the leads as higschool senior boyfriend/girlfriend. Ironic?) and since we had practice from 6-10, that was our valentines together. Reading lines and sipping yummy coffee drinks.

Our next Valentines day we are no longer high school seniors- we are now freshman in college and I had just transferred from Northern Iowa to Denver where he was. He gave me a promise ring with a gold heart and took me out for Valentines.

Which brings me to 2007. We have now transferred BACK to Northern Iowa and are living together (unmarried) in married student housing. I'm 4 months pregnant, and finally able to eat food for the first time- seriously the day before I finally stopped throwing up 10 times a day. We took advantage of that and went out for chinese food and saw Music and Lyrics- still one of my favorite movies. 2 days later we found out we were going to have a BOY.

Our first Valentines with Jasper. We went out to dinner and I was overjoyed to have TWO valentines forever.

Our valentines in Sweden in 2009 is probably my favorite. It was the first year Jasper got into it. My mom had sent a care package with 'American candy' and Jasper had his first taste of M&M's and we got him a little red headed boy doll because he was OBSESSED with babies. Still is! We celebrated by going ice skating on the biggest lake in western europe. 

2 years ago we were back from Sweden- and I made Jasper a 'red' breakfast and later his buddy came over to celebrate. New Moon had just come out so I was able to find JASPER candy!!

 "You're My Valnetine but Edward has my heart" Fact.

I had to look back at my blog to see what we did for Valentines day last year! Crazy that I can remember 7 years ago but not last year. But then I remembered why. We went to Iowa for the weekend for a friends wedding- and when we got back we celebrated a few days later.

Which brings us to THIS year! On Monday I was insane enough to play and host a Valentines day party at our house for 7 4 year olds. NEVER AGAIN- at least not while 7 months pregnant. We did crafts (the heart crayons everyones doing thanks to pinterest, and heart shaped light catchers-these actually were pretty cool) played and had lunch. I didn't get a SINGLE picture, but my friend texted me this one which I find hilarious because it looks like my belly is getting ready to take out her daughter.

Then yesterday was Jasper's preschool Valentines party- I stayed up way to late making goodie bags for all 20 kids which also included a heart shaped crayon. J was SO excited to hand them out!
 Last night J and I made a candle light dinner and had it waiting for Drew when he got home, and that's how we have celebrated Valentines day for the past 7 years!!

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  1. lol that baby totally photo bombed your picture!

  2. Great Valentine's and I love those Twilight treats hehe so funny.

    Kelly x