Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Perfect Denver Saturday

Jasper playing in his room, allowing us to doze/sleep in till 8:45!
Followed by cuddling in bed watching a movie.

When we finally get up and get dressed we head to Panera for my favorite, a bacon and spinach souffle, and a blueberry muffin for Jasper
And then to Santiagos for Drew's favorite breakfast, spicy breakfast burritos..
And then to Starbucks for all of our favorite drinks.

We are finally ready to begin our morning at Wash Park. After an hour walk around the lake and park (with Jasper running ahead the whole time) we make our way back to the playground, where Jasper has the time of his life for the next hour, climbing, sliding, swinging.

Then it's Whole Foods to pick up things for lunch. On the menu? Fresh WARM baguette with brie and salami , juicy pineapple, grapes and strawberries. 

Jasper goes down for a late nap, Drew cleans the kitchen and I lay out on the porch soaking in the 58 degree Colorado sun. In February.

And that was our perfect Saturday. 

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  1. Oh em gee. Love me some Santiagos breakfast burritos! I get the half-n-half spicy with cheese. Did you know they delivered 4 tubs of it to NYC for us?! It arrived frozen and we still have some in the freezer :) I miss Denver so bad! I haven't been blogging because I got a new job as a manager in training at Anthropologie and it's keeping me oh so busy and exhausted (i've been sick twice in the last 3 weeks) Anyhoo, I mis you and the blog world and glad to hear you're doing well!