Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let's talk strollers, shall we?

I have a stroller obsession. Like major. It's the baby purchase that I will splurging on. The rest of the stuff like crib, swing, glider etc. I don't need top of the line- but a stroller? I will be going all out on.

I wish I would have just spent the money last time, because when I think of all the money I've spent on strollers over the past 4 years? It adds up.

stroller/car seat combo $200

Snap and go for first 6 months- $70

two umbrella strollers $60

jogging stroller at a garage sale $50

double stroller at garage sale $60 ( for when nannying) this one ended up sucking..leading to next purchase

new double stroller since I was (am) nannying for another child full time $300

stroller to take to Sweden, we wanted something light weight that would fold up small and easily be carried off and on buses and up to our 4th floor apartment, but more than an umbrella stroller that would lean back $80

Amazing Swedish Pram (while in Sweden) because our American stroller would Not cut it going on and off buses (a daily event) over the cobble stone or through snow. $500- Maaajorly on sale. This also became his bed when we traveled- which was often. BEST baby purchase we ever made. Problem? While we were honeymooning in Sweden this summer it got left outside under an awning- it Never rains in CO for more than an hour or so, and thats not often- but it rained two weeks straight and it got moldy:(

So total we have spent on strollers in four years? Roughly $1200. See why we should have just bought top of the line from the start?

So here's what I'm looking at this time around. These are my favorites so far. If you have any experience with any of these- I would love some input! Bad thing about most of these is that I can't test them out before purchasing. NO bueno when you are spending this amount of money! So PLEASE, if you have any info- send it my way!!

1. Bugaboo Chameleon $1,000

This one many friends have, so I have been able to test this one out. LOVe love it.

2. Iglesina pram $1,000

3 Bumbleride queen B. $800

I'm very intrigued about this one. I like the looks of this one the most, reminds me of our Swedish pram. But there are so many unknowns! How easy it folds down (I've heard bugaboo is a dream) and how does it steer? Very important if you only plan on having one stroller which is how I want to roll ( haha) this time around.

4. Emmaljunga! These are amazing, amazing strollers. WHy the hell can we not order them in the US? If I can figure out a way to get one here without it costing a ridiculous amount of money. I want one. BADLY.

Okay there they are- my top favorite strollers! What do you guys think?


  1. I have the Queen B and I love it. It's large and a bit heavy though so you might want to consider that a bit. As far as maneuverability I love the wheels they go over everything and I don't have to worry about getting stuck. Also they are tire wheels so you can go into any bike shop and replace them. Also you don't have to buy the bassinet because it lays flat. Also it's really only about 500 without the bassinet (which you really don't need) I think it still comes with the rain cover and muffler though. I like the bugaboo too oh and the City select is an awesome choice. There are just so many strollers to choose from! Also don't forget starting at the beginning of the year the 2012's are going to come out and the 2011's will be on sale!

  2. I can vouch for Bumbleride being an amazing company!

  3. We have an uppababy vista and love it! It comes with practically every accessory and you can buy one piece to click the car seat in. It's so light. I picked it over bugaboo because it sits higher. In te bugaboo baby seems low to me. Do you have an upscale baby store? We tested them out there.

  4. Oh yea, we travel to England every year (and brought it once so far) they have a bag that comes with "insurance" so if it's checked in the bag and the airline damages it they fix it and the bag is only $80.

  5. I saw an Emmaljunga on Craigslist once for $800 in excellent condition! Be sure to check there for one!

  6. I'm in love with the Queen B. We don't have it but I really wish I would have known about it when I was preggo. That will for sure be my stroller for my next baby. We have a maxi cosi and I can not saying enough good things about. love it. But I adore the look of the Queen B.

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