Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekly Organic Meal: Greek Salad

I'm bringing it back! It's been a while, okay forever, since I posted a weekly organic meal- but trust me THIS one was worth bringing it back for.

 First your rinse off a green pepper, red pepper, cucumber and tomato
 Next chop them all up (and a head of romaine lettuce, not picture)

 Next add a bunch of feta and a can of black olives
Next throw together a dressing- I didn't follow a recipe so I don't have any exact measurements but this time I did olive oil, oregano, salt, pepper, a whole lemon squeezed out and two garlic cloves chopped up and fried.

This is SUPER easy and so so yummy. I sent hubbs with leftovers to work and he brought some for a secretary that has sent him home with lasagna for us before ( the middle aged ladies LOVE him!) and she raved about it to everyone I guess!

Ingredients ( all organic)
Romaine lettuce
red pepper
green pepper
pitted black olives
feta cheese

olive oil
two garlic cloves
dried oregano


  1. mmm yum that would be so good with some sliced grilled chicken I think I might have to make some. :) I've never made my own dressing before wow it looks super easy.

  2. Looks yummy! Thought id introduce myself--seeing as we are both in Denver! Hi--->waves!