Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First 'back to school' shopping trip!

With Jasper starting preschool in just two weeks...pause to have a minor panic attack...we want to make a big deal out of everything. We want him to get super excited about it. We have come up with a few things to make going to school extra special.

-Big shopping trip
-Special dinner the night before he starts school
-Going out to eat breakfast all three of us the morning he starts (Drew is going in to work late so he can go with us to breakfast and school)
-New back pack
- Back to school party with his friends

We decided Saturday afternoon was a good time to do the shopping trip since we only have a couple weekends left.

We have lived in CO for about 5 years now and have never gone to the outlet mall thats about 30 minutes away in Castle Rock- crazy right? I guess I always just forget about it- plus we have always lived within a couple blocks to super nice malls so I never saw the point. But this seemed like the perfect time to check it out!

This is the first time we have gotten a Ton of clothes at once- I go to the mall so often that I just pick up things here and there, but we knew this would be super fun for him. PLUS we just went through all of his pants since he has been wearing shorts all summer- and came the the conclusion that he's grown 3 inches this summer because out of the dozens of pants he had- about 7 of them are all that fit now.

                                                                         His Loot
                                               Uhm cutest little boy shoes ever!

I set myself on a $250 budget to see how far I could get with that- and I'm Pretty pleased with all the stuff he got, and I only went a little over. This isn't his whole wardrobe obviously (not even close)- since I've been buying the next size up forever once he had way more than enough for 4T. But now? My just turned 4 2 weeks ago is in 5T- which are supposed to last till he's 6- Yeah Right!!

Anyway for 250ish, he got 12 pairs of pants, 6 t-shirts 8 long sleeved shirts, 3 sweatshirts, a vest, two pairs of shoes, and some underwear. Pretty good right?? Mostly from Gap and Carters, but some from OshKoshB'Gosh. At Garter and OshKosh I printed off coupons for 20%off $40 or more (first time using coupons- Sucess!!!) so that helped for sure!!

With all those stores- I was so focused on shopping for Jasper that I didn't even really look for myself, but I did get a super cute cardi from Gap and some fudge. In the words of Charlie Sheen-who I can't stand...Winning!


  1. First off, what a bargain you got! And second, cherish each moment. My little one will be starting Kindergarten this year, and I'm still in shock over it, ha.

    I love your guys' idea with 'making it a big deal' ... he's going to love Preschool! :)

  2. Sounds like a fun plan best of luck J!!