Monday, August 15, 2011

Stepping Out Sunday?

Sunday afternoon Jasper woke up from his nap Ready to go to the pool. We had told him all morning we would take him after nap time ( damn pools don't open here till 12:45- how lame is That?)

Right after he woke up he climbed down from his bed and threw his swim suit on- told ya he was ready!! While the boys were rounding up towels and pool stuff I headed out to the car to make sure the sunscreen was in there..and felt rain drops. Dark looming clouds were hovering right over us with no plans of leaving.

So I quickly came up with a plan B in the 2 seconds it took me to get back inside. I knew he was going to be devastated so in the same breathe I said "Jasper,ItsRainingSoWeCantGoToThePoolBUTHowAboutWeGoSeeTheNewSmurfMovieAtTheMovieTheater? ......................We can get popcorn? I said with a hopeful breathe. He immediately forgot about the pool and ran to find his smurf toy that he got for his birthday to bring with. So to the mall we headed for a lovely rainy Sunday afternoon.

 (see all those clothes and hangers piled up on the bed? Yeah I washed like 10 loads of laundry and finally had to fold them all and put them away)

The movie was actually really good! I will definitely be buying this for J once it comes out- plus who doesn't love smurfs? I Totally grew up on them and the daycare I went to in Sweden had an entire bucket of smurfs to play with.

My outfit is definitely Nothing exciting, but a pair of comfy jeans and a soft t-shirt are definitely the way to go at the movies. Especially when you order a large tub of popcorn w/ extra butter and you are sitting next to your 4 year old who loves to use you as a human napkin.

On mamma:
Jeans: Gap- my Favorite pair of jeans!
Shirt: I think American Eagle- it's in the wash now, but I know its several years old because I haven't bought anything in there in years.
Shoes: These shoes are special to me. And my first time wearing. When I was at my farmors (dad's mom) apartment in Sweden in June I went through some of her stuff to bring back to my siblings (she passed away in March and my dad is still paying rent because he isn't ready to go through her stuff etc.) and I discovered she we are the same size shoe! 39 in Swedish size. I never knew this! So I decided to bring these and a pair of boots back. I love them and it makes me feel closer to her wearing them- is that weird?

And soon I should be done with the grainy cell phone in the mirror pics! I ordered a tripod and remote so once those come- should be today or tomorrow!! And i figure out how to wear them? I can take Real pictures!!

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  1. aww, this is a sweet post! the story about the shoes reminds me of this post i did on my grandma's boots (also, my dad's mom)
    i love that yours are red and that you fit in them! literally walking in her shoes ;) a very special feeling indeed. not to mention those are totally in style now anyway! :D