Monday, August 8, 2011

Jasper's birthdays

Yes Plural! Lucky kid

On his actual birthday- August 3rd- we woke up Jasper up early, for the record, we live firmly by the 'Never wake a sleeping child' rule- but we decided to make an exception for his birthday. It was only about 30 min earlier than his normal wake up time, and we wanted him to be able to open his presents before Oliver (kid I nanny for) showed up.

 We have started the Swedish tradition of waking him up with a cake, singing him happy birthday (in Swedish and English) and a couple presents. He was so surprised and super thrilled. He thought that was it for presents and was perfectly happy with them. So when we carried him out to the kitchen and he saw the rest? He was shocked!

 After presents with daddy, he had to head to work and we headed to the park to play with some new toys. I asked Jasper if he wanted to go to the pool, or zoo or spash park- he replied "No way I just wanna  stay here and play wiff my new toys" so thats what we did. Laid low and played with all of his new stuff.
 We asked Jasper where he wanted to go for lunch- he could choose anything he wanted. What did he want? A salad. Seriously. We offered so many choices to try to get him to pick somewhere  more 'fun' but he was Very persistent. Just further proof that I have the coolest kid Ever.
That night we headed to Monkey bizness for family night and pizza and then home for Magnum ice cream. All day I was kind of an emotional mess- my baby is FOUR!

 Yesterday we had Jasper's birthday pool party- but I was so busy I only took like 7 pictures! That's so typical me- having too much fun to take pictures!

 He was having so much fun in the pool that it took forever to convince him to come in and blow out his candles so  people could have cake- and he was also too busy to eat Anything! He refused. On the way home from the party he ate an entire bowl of pasta salad and fruit salad though so he made up for it.

Wish I would have thought to get a picture of all the kids- though with 7 four year olds, a 3 year old and 2 one year olds that probably would have been impossible. But it would have been a great picture because Jasper was the ONLy boy!! Most of his friends are girls,and the two boys he's buddies with couldn't come so it was just Jasper and all his ladies, but really that's how he likes it.


  1. He is so cute. Happy belated birthday sweet boy!

  2. He is adorable! If I had a boy I said I'd let him wear his hair longer like Jasper's. Instead my daughter, at four, still has chin length hair. *sigh*! But happy birthday to your growing little man!

  3. Looks like awesome birthday Party.Sorry for late wish but Happy Belated birthday!

  4. Jasper is such an adorable little boy! Looks like he had a fun bday! :)