Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A fun Saturday

Saturday morning after our regular Starbucks, park combo we headed to go get Jasper a haircut. Just a trim. I can't stand the though of him with short hair!! I don't think he would look like him. I don't care if people sometimes thinks he's a girl- I love my little long haired boy.

After that we had lunch out on the patio of my most favorite place in town to eat Cherry Cricket!! If you ever make it to Denver? You Have to go there! And I will meet you there since it's two blocks from our house :) Then I stole a few hours to myself to get a haircut. It felt great to get out, get a scalp massage (Love Aveda!!!) and a hair cut!

And THEN came the exciting part!! Jasper had a sleep over at a friends house and Drew and I got to go to the Bronco's game! I'd never been to Invesco field- so it was lot's of fun. A guy from work gave him his tickets, and in row 32 they were pretty great seats!

We tried to get a cab the 4.5 miles back- but it was insane after the game so we ended up walking for about 2 of the miles before finally getting one, but it was so nice to just walk together, enjoying some us time. 


  1. I love his long hair! Don't ever cut it short:)

  2. Looks like fun! Love family days and date nights w/ the hubs!