Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm 25 and in 2 days I will have a four year old

Lots of changes!! 25 sounds quite a bit older than 24 (half way to 50!!) and four? That's a kid. Like full on child.

I had a great birthday on Friday- thank you for all the wonderful tweets, messages and emails!

Started off the day right with Starbucks from my boys and flowers from Oliver (little boy I nanny for)

I also got an adorable dress from Jasper ( Drew said he proudly picked it out himself) and and tickets to Kings of Leon at Red Rocks from Drew!!! I might have shrieked a little when I found out about the tickets......

And then today I got the lovely news that.....THE TOUR IS CANCELED. On account of Caleb Followill's exhaustion..This comes after he had to walk out on a concert in dallas to go throw up because he was (supposedly) wasted. Not gonna lie- that pisses me off!! Not only was I ridiculously excited, but my older brother and his 4 friends had planned their summer vacation around this! They decided months ago that they were coming out here on their motorcycles (700 plus miles) to camp and see a show at red rocks- then decided kings of leon was the show they were going to see. And now? NO CONCERT.

But the silver lining? I get that money to go shopping!! Mamma's getting some new fall clothes!

The rest of our weekend was amazing- this was the first weekend the three of us had spent together in like 5 weeks- since before Sweden since Drew had to work all last weekend and we definitely made the most of it. Which of course meant I took like 3 pictures. That's the proof of a perfect weekend! Me forgetting to take pictures.

We went to a water park on Saturday which was SO much! I know I say this all the time- but Jasper's age currently? The most fun ever. We also did a little shopping, went out to breakfast lunch and dinner (we do day dates right!!) and then swimming again on Sunday. I need to figure out how to post videos from my phone because Jasper is a little FISH! Summer Olympics 2032 I'm thinking. Hope you all had a Wonderful weekend!!

Happy August!!

OH and one more thing!! We had out first every bloggy meet up- and it was a complete success! (Sorry Joan but you never know if someone's gonna turn out to be a freak ;) Drew asked me last night if I was 'nervous' to meet  Joan. When I replied no- why would I be he said " Well it's kind of like online dating isn't it? I laughed at him- but it's kind of true! Online friend dating. It is kinda crazy meeting someone for the first time that I already feel like I know from reading her blog for the last 5-6 months or so- but crazy in a good way.

**Like my new blog header? I DO!! Jess from did it- and I Highly recommend her to anyone wanting a blog banner and button done! I was really no help in letting her know what I wanted but she did amazing even with no help from me! And she was super quick too :)


  1. Sounds like a fun birthday! That stinks about the concert! That happened to me once, I had gotten free tickets to see Jay-Z for my boyfriend and we planned a trip across Texas (800+ miles) and they just canceled for no reason. Blerg.

  2. aww man, i heard about the tour cancel. i saw them at red rocks 2 years ago, but to be honest, i think they do better in a more intimate setting like the fillmore ;) i love the new blog header and wish i still lived in denver so we could hang out(shop/eat). my nephew turns 4 in october and i agree, this age is so much fun. he is such a BOY and just loves running around and wearing himself(and mine!) out. i'm glad you had a wonderful birthday weekend and hope the rest of your summer is great!

  3. My daughter turned 4 back in March and I'm about to be 25 on the 23rd of this month! I feel so old and she seems WAY too grown up now!

  4. I LOVE that Landyn and Jasper's bday's are a few days apart :)

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment over at sweet days. I am now following you back :)
    Your blog is lovely xxx

  6. Aww happy belated birthday, sounds like you had a pretty good one. I'm still scared that my daughter will be 1 in a month. It's crazy how fast they grow!

    Oh Jazmyn