Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Girl Crush

Totally have a girl crush on Kate Middleton. And those hats they wear in England? Totally think we should wear those here to weddings like they do. How much FUN would that be??

When my besties from Sweden came for our October wedding they had planned a girl day, which included....horse back riding!! It was a total surprise ( I was even blind folded so I wouldn't know where we were going.)They had brought a little fascinator that I was forced to wear and long gloves- maybe a Swedish thing? But either way- I kinda love it and want to wear them all the time. So whose with me? Operation Bring Fascinators to America??


  1. I agree!! I love the hats they wear. I want to throw a special party were hats are required ;-)

  2. omg, i love it! i too have a girl crush on kate :) i wish i had such a thing as "poise", but i'm too hippy-dippy. SO cool that your friends suprised you with horseback riding! jealous! in the two years i lived in denver, that is one of my regrets. ps. the new look on the blog is great!

  3. yesss! i totally think we should bring fascinators to the US. how amazing would that be :)

    new follower, please stop on by..

  4. Agreed 100%!!! Why can't we wear those things to weddings?! Amazing!