Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunday morning, while the boys were showering I quickly threw on a dress, scribbled a note and left the house.


Jasper is FOUR and I still don't do this very often. As I was walking, I honestly couldn't remember the last time I had left the house alone. Id had probably only been a couple of weeks- but the fact that I couldn't remember? No bueno.

Mamma NEEDS this time alone! And I never get it. It's my own fault really- I don't take the initiative and just tell Drew I'm leaving. I guess it's because we don't have enough family time as it is that when we are together I don't feel the need to go. But I'm going to start doing this more often.

All I did was go for a little walk, wind up at Starbucks (where they were Shocked that I was in there alone..told ya they know me) and walk back. Slowly. Sipping on my ice team. It was the perfect 40 minutes. And I walked into two boys who were very happy to see me.


  1. AHHH it's the little things :)

  2. GOOD FOR YOU! I know the feeling...sort of, Hux is only 7 months old, but Matt and I have yet to take anyone up on their offers to watch him while we go on a date, and I am only away from Huxley when at work.

    It's so good to recharge & get some "YOU" time! and Sbux Iced Tea is a nice way to get it!