Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Faves

I decided to start a little segment ' Friday Faves' --I've written posts about some of my favorite products, and I keep meaning to write more as I come across some great ones, so this will be my way of making myself actually follow through!

First Fave I want to talk about is a new obsession. LUSH! I've heard about them online, and for the past 2 months there has been a Coming Soon sign in our mall, and finally on Sunday I popped around the corner as the boys were buying our movie tickets and it was Open!

While I was looking around, one of the ladies working offered to give me a free facial- Uhm YES PLEASE- I sent the boys to play since our movie didn't start for an hour- and she have me a great little facial using a bunch of different products. Of course I went home with some..

I brought home a facial serum ( think? it's a bar so no label so it could have been a toner? Like I know the difference), a  bar of shampoo (waah shampoo in a bar form??) a massage bar and a shower lotion bar.

I've tested out the products several times now and WHOA. I'm in love. Totally found my new favorite shop. For reals. I was a little sketched out by the bar of shampoo at first, but I was feeling super adventurous when I bought it. I hadn't washed my hair in three days- gross, I know, but I'm trying to go longer inbetween hair washes, but ya know what? It worked!! Just rubbed the bar of shampoo in my hand, worked up a little lather and applied to my hair and voila- clean hair!

The shower lotion dealio is my Favorite product so far. It has little bumps for exfoliation also and it felt amazing. Like being in a spa or something.

All in all? I will SO be heading back to Lush very soon now that I have one 2 blocks away!

*I wasn't paid OR given free products to say any of that, but I totally should have been right?? :)

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