Friday, August 5, 2011


Sometimes I forget to be thankful for having a healthy little boy. I take that for granted. I complained when he decided to stay in my belly till 42 weeks, but I'm thankful for the near 9 lb healthy baby boy I got because of it.

A high school friend just gave birth to twin girls yesterday. They weren't due till the very end of October. One is just under 2 lbs and one is just under 3lbs.

Also her husband lost his mother two days ago.

Also, said husband has to leave to go back to Iraq in 2 weeks. If you pray? This family could really use your prayers.


  1. Sigh. That's so rough. It's always interesting how things work out so well for some folks and not so for others...

  2. Wow! Prayers definitely going up for that family. Bless their hearts!

  3. How sad. They will def be in my prayers. Sometimes we get so caught up in things you forget about the little things like being happy and healthy its so easy to take that for granted.

  4. Oh how so very sad. :( Prayers for your friends.