Sunday, August 7, 2011

Such a busy busy weekend!

Friday night we headed for a family date night (my suggestion) to THE best burger place ever. No seriously. They were voted number 3 best burger in the country!!

I walk in. And see two friends. Not So crazy since they live close. Then I turn around and see another friend. And another. And another. My thought? "What's everyone doing here!" and then they all shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I was SHOCKED! So so surprised! Apparently the plans had been in the works for a few weeks- but it was MY suggestion to go there to eat- causing Drew to think maybe I was on to them, but NO! It brought tears to my eyes- everyone coming out, taking time out of their super busy schedules, most driving 30 min. away to celebrate my birthday (a week late) with me. After dinner Drew took the kiddos back to our house and this mamma stayed out LATE. And maybe drank a few too many glasses of vino.

Saturday morning we had a birthday pool party for Jasper's buddy. This pool? Was amazing. It was at the fanciest country club/kid birthday party I've ever been to. Catered food- amazing pirate decorations-pool and even huge blow up bouncy house/water slide. We had to cut it short a bit so J could get a quick nap before we headed to birthday party number 2. Also a pool party. Also Jasper's buddy.

Which brings us to today. JASPER's birthday pool party! We had it at my friends club house/pool and all his friends except for two came so it was a great crowd and so much fun!! Pictures to come!!

Now Jasper is waking up for his late nap- this kid is Exhausted, so we are grabbing some chinese food and snuggling up to watch a movie.

Hope everyone had a Fabulous weekend! We sure did!!


  1. Aww how sweet! sounds like such a fun time :)

  2. WOW you did have a busy fun weekend!! A kids birthday party at a country club sounds pretty amazing!

  3. surprise parties are the best, and i'm guessing the cricket?! glad you had a great time and i'm jealous of your pool parties with jasper! i haven't even seen one since we moved to nyc last year. lame! :)

  4. lol.. what a great party! Glad you had a wonderful Birthday!!! :) (sorry I'm late!)

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