Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wedding Checklist

TO DO this week before we leave for IA Sat. morning

1. Wash ALL laundry

2. Figure out a week's worth of outfits for IA, be prepared for weather 30-80 degrees.

3.Finish Wedding reception Slideshow- almost done!!

4. Brazilian Bikini Wax

5.PACK- double, tripe, quadruple check that I didn't forget anything major!!

6. Finalize wedding music..yah we aren't last minute type people or anything...

7. Finish crocheting baby blanket for Walker (bridesmaid 2 week old baby!)

8.uhmm...Positive I'm forgetting at least a dozen things..


  1. Deep breath LOL

    Make a packing list and carry it with you always-I remember stuff like that at the worst possible time LOL

    Don't forget to breathe and take a few slow breaths every now and then :)