Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top Two Tuesday: Favorite place in your home

This is a tough one for because because honestly I'm not in Love with our home. We had three weeks to find something new- it fit our requirements of super safe area, good location, allowed a dog, child friendly and in our budget. Our lease is up in March and I'm excited about another move. Some people hate moving- I see it as a new adventure.

That being said Two favorite places

1. My closet. Emphasis on the MY- no one is allowed in there, it's mine alll mine, and growing up the middle child of 5 I have a need for some place in my home that is only mine. And I LOVE it.

And yes, that is Rob in my closet. I bought the calendar but actually Drew bought me my poster- kind of as a joke, but of course it had to to go in my closet!!

2. Our pool- living in this condo community gives us some nice benefits, like having a full stocked play room, work out place and several pools right next door.  Also the reason my son is fearless of water and was swimming unassisted under water at the age of two!


  1. Love the closet! It's important to have at least a small part of your home you can call your own!

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